Stamped Metal Global Market Report 2022

Stamped Metal Global Market Report 2022

  • May 2022 •
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Major players in the stamped metal market are Alcoa, Inc, Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company, Acro Stamped Metal, Kenmode Precision Stamped Metal, Clow Stamping Company, Aro Stamped Metal Company, Inc, D&H Industries, Lindy Manufacturing Co, American Axle & Manufacturing, and Nelson-Miller.

The global stamped metal market is expected to grow from $391.27 billion in 2021 to $430.89 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.1%. The market is expected to grow to $608.07 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9%.

The stamped metal market consists of sales of stamped metal and related services for converting flat metal sheets into specific shapes that can be used in metal forming techniques such as blanking, punching, bending, and piercing. Stamped metal is a simple and cost-effective solution for high-volume manufacturing needs.

The main processes types in the stamped metal market are blanking, embossing, bending, coining, deep drawing, flanging, and other processes.Blanking is a metal production process, during which a metal workpiece is removed from the primary metal strip when it is punched.

The materials involved are steel, aluminum, copper, and other materials. The various applications involved are automotive, industrial machinery, consumer electronics, aerospace and aviation, electricals and electronics, telecommunications, medical devices, defense, and other applications.

Asia Pacific was the largest region in the stamped metal market in 2021.Western Europe was the second largest region in the stamped metal market.

The regions covered in this report are Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

An increase in demand for metal components in the aviation industry is projected to drive the stamped metal market.Aerospace manufacturers use stamped metal to meet the need of many specifications, this technique allows manufacturers to create high-quality precision components that can comply with strict requirements.

For example, Wiegel Tool Works has been a trusted manufacturer of metal stamped components for over 77 years for OEM and tier manufacturers in the aerospace industry.

Fluctuations in metal prices are hindering the growth of the stamped metal market.More supply and less demand for commodities in the global market are causing fluctuations in the price of metals.

For instance, according to the pioneer data 2022, the current high prices of aluminum and nickel are at an average of $2200/t and $16500/t in 2021 with marginal deceleration in 2022.Iron Ore prices have increased by nearly 25 percent in Q1 2021 primarily due to unabated demand from China.

Therefore, fluctuations in metal pricing are restricting the stamped metal market’s growth.

Automation in the stamped metal industry is a key trend driving the growth of the stamped metal market.Automation in the stamped metal industry increases production at cheaper rates by using advanced technology such as laser cutting, allowing extremely high accuracy and improved output speed.

The use of robotics or automated systems for repeat activities decreases the necessary manpower in the stamped metal industry as the robots can perform a number of processes, such as bending and cutting. North America is expected to grow further in the automation stamped metal industry in 2022 due to the existence of major players such as Kenmode precision stamped metal and Wisconsin metal parts in the region.

In October 2019, MPI Corporation acquired Precision Stampings, Inc. for an undisclosed amount through Woodbridge International, a global mergers and acquisitions firm. Acquisition of Precision Stampings, Inc. was aimed to strengthen MPI Corporation, a US-based company, in the manufacturing of medical, automotive, electronics, military, computer, and hardware industries. Precision Stampings, Inc., a US-based company, specializes in manufacturing stamped metals.

The countries covered in the stamped metal market report are Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, UK, USA and Australia.