Pre-Filled Syringes: World Industry and Market Prospects 2014-2024

Pre-Filled Syringes: World Industry and Market Prospects 2014-2024

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Your guide to trends and sales potential for prefillable syringe products

What are the commercial prospects for pre-filled syringes and related technologies? Visiongain's report shows you potential revenues and other trends to 2024, discussing data, opportunities and prospects.

Our new study analyses those technologies and their therapeutic applications. You will find projected sales to 2024 at overall world market, submarket, injected drug and national level.

In addition to an overall world revenue forecast for pre-filled syringe products, you will see forecasting of world-level submarkets to 2024:
• Glass pre-filled syringes
• Plastic (polymer) pre-filled syringes
• Pen injectors and Autoinjectors

Also, you receive a world unit sales forecast for those medical injection units. Discover qualitative analyses (SWOT and STEP), company profiles, R&D and commercial developments. Moreover, you will gain 60 figures, 79 tables and three interviews with authorities in the industry.

Prospects for leading countries shown to 2024

Regulatory, demographic and commercial developments worldwide will influence the market, especially fast-rising demand in emerging markets.

Our analyses show you individual revenue forecasts to 2024 for 11 national markets:
• US
• Japan
• Germany,
• France,
• UK,
• Italy
• Spain
• Brazil,
• Russia,
• India
• China

Increasing development and use of biological drugs (biologics) will increase worldwide sales of these drug delivery technologies from 2014 to 2024, our study shows.

What issues decide the future of the industry and market?

Our study lets you assess industry trends and outlooks. You find discussions of many issues and developments, including R&D:
• Cost savings and efficiencies
• Plastic disposable syringes and components
• Glass single-use syringes and related parts
• Syringe technology, needles, materials and compound stability
• Safety and convenience issues for injection devices
• Product differentiation and customisation
• Reimbursement and legislation

Our investigation gives you multi-level business research and analysis with sales forecasts. You see how that industry and market can perform from 2014 to 2024.

You will discover prospects for applications of prefillable syringe technologies

Our report also analyses applications of pre-filled drug delivery technologies - medical products. You will discover world-level revenue forecasting for several drug classes to 2024 including:
• Insulins
• Growth hormones
• Low molecular weight heparins (LMWHs)
• Vaccines
• Biosimilar and follow-on protein products

Also, how will 11 injectable drugs - including Lantus, Humalog, NovoLog, Humira and Enbrel - perform from 2014? You will find the potential revenues for these drugs to 2024.

Market Size and Growth Prospects

What does the future hold? Overall revenues from pre-filled syringes will rise from 2014 to 2024, our report forecasts. Improved drug delivery and new formulations will be vital to pharmaceutical companies, increasing demand for innovative medical injection devices.

In 2012, 2.96 billion of those syringe units sold. Pre-filled syringes form one of the fastest growing markets in healthcare.

Safety, stability, convenience and cost-effectiveness benefit unit sales and revenues. Our analyses predict strong revenue growth to 2024 for those medical devices and their applications in human therapy.

Discover profiles for leading companies

Our work profiles leading companies, assessing their technologies and products. You will see activities and outlooks for developers and producers:
• Becton, Dickinson and Company
• Gerresheimer
• Ypsomed
• MGlas (Nipro)
• Unilife
• Nuova Ompi (Stevanato Group)
• We
1. Executive Summary

1.1 Pre-Filled Syringes: World Market Outlook 2014-2024
1.2 Report Contents
1.2.1 Benefits of this Report
1.3 Report Methodology
1.3.1 Who is this Report for?
1.3.2 Defining the Pre-Filled Syringe Market

2. An Introduction to the Pre-Filled Syringe Market

2.1 A Brief History of Pre-Filled Syringes
2.2 Design and Manufacture of Pre-Filled Syringes
2.2.1 Glass and Plastic Syringes
2.2.2 Safety and the Pre-Filled Syringe Market Concerns over Needlestick Injuries
2.3 An Introduction to Pen Injectors and Autoinjectors
2.3.1 Pen Injectors and Autoinjectors Offer Advantages in Self-Administration
2.3.2 What Determines Injection Device Choice?
2.4 Future Directions for Pre-Filled Syringes

3. Pre-Filled Syringes: World Market Outlook and Forecast 2014-2024

3.1 The World Pre-Filled Syringe Market 2012-2013
3.1.1 Rapid Growth in Demand and Revenues in the Last Decade
3.1.2 Pre-Filled Syringes as a Share of the Global Drug Delivery Market
3.1.3 Pre-Filled Syringe Market Breakdown by Device 2012
3.2 Growth in the Pre-Filled Syringe Market 2014-2024
3.2.1 Pre-Filled Syringe Market Forecast 2014-2024
3.2.2 Pre-Filled Syringe Unit Sales Forecast 2014-2024
3.2.3 Biologics and Other Market Drivers for this Decade Market Genericisation and Pre-Filled Syringes The Injectable Drug Pipeline is Long
3.2.4 What Will Restrain Market Growth to 2024?
3.2.5 Leading Submarket Revenue Shares 2014-2024
3.3 The Glass Pre-Filled Syringe Submarket 2014-2024
3.3.1 Steady Growth for the Glass Pre-Filled Syringe Submarket 2014-2024
3.3.2 New Manufacturing Processes to Drive Submarket Growth to 2024
3.4 The Plastic Pre-Filled Syringe Submarket 2014-2024
3.4.1 Rapid Growth Forecast for the Plastic Pre-Filled Syringe Submarket to 2024
3.4.2 Plastic Pre-Filled Syringe Submarket Drivers and Restraints 2014-2024
3.5 The Pen Injector and Autoinjector Submarket 2014-2024
3.5.1 Growth in the Pen Injector and Autoinjector Submarket to 2024
3.5.2 High Demand for Simplified Self-Administration Devices
3.5.3 Insulin and Other Biologics to Lead Market Growth

4. Leading National Markets for Pre-Filled Syringes 2014-2024

4.1 Leading National Markets for Pre-Filled Syringes 2012-2013
4.2 National Pre-Filled Syringe Market Forecasts 2014-2024
4.2.1 How Will National Market Shares Change to 2024?
4.3 The US Pre-Filled Syringe Market Forecast 2014-2024
4.3.1 New Drug and Device Launches to Drive Growth to 2024
4.4 Leading EU Nations: National Pre-Filled Syringe Submarket Forecasts 2014-2024
4.4.1 Biosimilars and Growth in the EU Pre-Filled Syringe Submarket 2014-2024
4.5 Pre-Filled Syringes in Japan: Market Outlook and Forecast 2014-2024
4.6 Pre-Filled Syringes in Emerging Markets 2014-2024
4.6.1 Pre-Filled Syringe Manufacturers Are Investing in Emerging Markets
4.6.2 China: The Leading Emerging Pre-Filled Syringe Submarket 2014-2024
4.6.3 India: Double-Digit Growth Forecast 2014-2024
4.6.4 Brazil: Biologics Growth to Lead to Higher Demand for Pre-Filled Syringes 2014-2024
4.6.5 Russia: Submarket Forecast 2014-2024

5. Outlook for Leading Therapeutic Sectors for Pre-Filled Syringes 2014-2024

5.1 Leading Therapeutic Sectors for Pre-Filled Syringes and Other Injection Devices 2012-2013
5.1.1 Vaccines and Heparins Are Major Market Sectors 2012-2013
5.1.2 Rising Demand in Chronic Conditions: Autoimmune Diseases and Diabetes
5.1.3 Growth for Key Market Sectors 2014-2024
5.2 Pre-Filled Syringes and Pen Injectors for Diabetes 2014-2024
5.2.1 Insulin Market Forecast 2014-2024
5.2.2 High Rates of Pen Injector Use in the EU and Japan
5.2.3 Insulin Pumps: A Technology to Challenge Pen Injectors to 2024?
5.2.4 The Prospects for Biosimilar Insulin in Developed and Emerging Markets In