The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Market 2013-2018 : Prospects for Skype and Other Players

The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Market 2013-2018 : Prospects for Skype and Other Players

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Over the past two decades, VoIP has revolutionised the way people communicate and has become a mainframe technology that is here to stay. Considerable cost savings that VoIP offers to both residential as well as enterprise users as compared to traditional PSTN telephony is the key market driver. VoIP adoption is rapidly growing in the enterprise space with companies realizing that efficiencies could be gained through the simplified management of a single voice & data network.

In 2013, Visiongain believes that VoIP is poised for growth, underpinned by the widespread adoption of integrated social media based VoIP solutions and the rise of market leaders in the VoIP space such as Skype. The deployment of LTE and 4G networks will transform the quality of VoIP services and propel VoIP into mainstream mobile telecommunication services creating a paradigm shift in subscriber behaviour.
As a consequence, Visiongain expects global VoIP revenues to reach $75.8bn in 2013.

Why you should buy The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Market 2013-2018: Prospects for Skype and Other Players

• Stay ahead with this comprehensive analysis of the VoIP market prospects
- The report comprises of 126 pages
• Get ahead of your competitors by studying highly quantitative content delivering solid conclusions benefiting your research and analysis and saving you time.
- 94 tables, charts, and graphs quantifying, analyzing and forecasting the VoIP market
• Read full transcripts of exclusive expert opinion interviews from market leading industry specialists informing the analysis
- Skype
- Vonage
• View global VoIP market forecasts from 2013-2023 to keep your knowledge one step ahead of the competition. The report provides an analytical overview with detailed sales projections and analysis of the market, the competitors, and the commercial drivers and restraints.
- Global VoIP revenue forecasts
- Global VoIP subscription forecasts
• View a detailed breakdown and analysis of the regional VoIP market with revenue forecasts from 2013-2018
- North America
- Asia Pacific
- Europe
- Latin America
- Middle East & Africa
• Understand the competitive landscape with profiles of 16 leading VoIP companies examining their positioning, products, services, focus, strategies and outlook.
- AT&T
- Comcast Cable
- Facetime from Apple
- Google Voice
- Jajah
- Nortel
- Orange
- Sipcom
- Sipgate
- Skype
- Viber
- Verizon
- Vonage
- Yeastar
• View key company market share data for 2013
- Top 4 VoIP client market share
- Top 10 IM client market share
• View other supporting forecasts that are influencing VoIP market prospects from 2013-2018
- Mobile operator revenue share by service type forecast
- Softphones unit sales forecast
- Softphones revenue forecast
- Fixed broadband subscriptions forecast
- Broadband subscription share by technology forecast
- Mobile broadband subscriptions forecast
- Fixed telephone line forecast
- Mobile cellular subscriptions forecast
- Total mobile operator revenue vs. voice only revenue forecast
- Traditional mobile operator voice revenue vs. VoIP revenue forecast
- Global SMS usage forecast
• Discover the qualitative analysis informing the VoIP market forecasts
- SWOT analysis of competitive factors: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats revealing what drives and restrains the industry and the prospects for established companies and new market entrants.

What makes this report unique?

Visiongain consulted widely with industry experts and full transcripts from these exclusive interviews with market leaders Skype and with Vonage are included in the report. As such, our reports have a unique blend of primary and secondary sources providing informed analysis. This methodology allows insight into the
1. Executive Summary

1.1 Developments in the VoIP Market
1.2 VoIP Market Drivers
1.3 Mobile VoIP Usage to Accelerate
1.4 Restraints to VoIP Uptake
1.5 Benefits of This Report
1.6 Who is This Report for?
1.7 Methodology
1.8 Global VoIP Revenues Forecast 2013, 2015, 2018
1.9 Regional VoIP Revenues Forecast 2013, 2015, 2018

2. Introduction to the Market

2.1 What does VoIP Signify?
2.2 The VoIP Protocol Maze
2.3 How Does VoIP Work?
2.4 Difference Between Traditional and Internet Telephony
2.5 Advantages of VoIP
2.6 Disadvantages of VoIP
2.7 Current VoIP Market
2.7.1 Net Neutrality
2.8 VoIP Market Definition

3. Global VoIP Market Forecast 2013-2018

3.1 Global VoIP Market Revenue Forecast 2013-2018
3.2 Global VoIP Subscribers Forecast 2013-2018
3.3 Softphones
3.3.1 Global Softphone Unit Sales Forecast 2013-2018
3.3.2 Global Softphone Revenue Forecast 2013-2018
3.4 Global SMS Usage Forecast 2013-2018
3.5 Global VoIP Market Drivers and Restraints

4. Regional VoIP Revenue Forecast 2013-2018

4.1 Regional VoIP Revenue Forecast Summary 2013-2018
4.1.1 Regional VoIP Revenue Market Share Forecasts 2013-2018
4.2 North American VoIP Market 2013-2018
4.2.1 North American VoIP Revenue Forecast 2013-2018
4.3 Latin America VoIP Market 2013-2018
4.3.1 Latin America VoIP Revenue Forecast 2013-2018
4.4 European VoIP Market 2013-2018
4.4.1 European Operators Throttling VoIP Services
4.4.2 European VoIP Revenue Forecast 2013-2018
4.5 Asia Pacific VoIP Market 2013-2018
4.5.1 Asia Pacific VoIP Revenue Forecast 2013-2018
4.6 Middle East and Africa VoIP Market 2013-2018
4.6.1 Middle East and Africa VoIP Revenue Forecast 2013-2018

5. Current VoIP Market and Future Developments

5.1 Fixed Telephone Subscriptions Will Continue to Decline
5.2 Mobile Subscription Reaching Saturation Point
5.2.1 Mobile Subscriptions Forecast 2013-2018
5.3 Global Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Forecast 2013-2018
5.4 Global Fixed Broadband Subscriptions Forecast 2013-2018
5.5 Fixed Broadband Subscriptions by Country
5.6 Fixed Broadband by Technology Forecast 2013-2018
5.7 Importance of Voice Revenues
5.8 Roaming Regulations
5.9 Impact of Bill Shock and Roaming Regulations on VoIP
5.10 VoIP as a Bypass Service
5.11 Data Roaming
5.12 Voice vs. Data
5.13 Voice Revenues Declining Rapidly
5.14 LTE and VoIP - VoLTE
5.15 Market Opportunity for OTT Players
5.16 VoLGA or VoLTE
5.17 VoLGA Forum
5.18 LTE for HD Calls

6. SWOT Analysis of the VoIP Market

6.1 Strengths
6.1.1 VoIP Will Pave the Way for IP Convergence
6.1.2 Increase Penetration into Enterprise
6.1.3 Single-Device Subscription Offering
6.1.4 Portability
6.2 Weaknesses
6.2.1 Availability during Power Outages
6.2.2 QoS and Bandwidth Availability
6.2.3 Emergency Services
6.3 Opportunities
6.3.1 Lower Infrastructure Development Cost
6.3.2 Reduction in Operational and Maintenance Costs
6.3.3 Developing New Apps
6.3.4 Generating Additional Revenue Streams
6.4 Threats
6.4.1 Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT)
6.4.2 Spoofing and Identity Threat

7. Expert Opinion

7.1 Visiongain Interview with Skype
7.1.1Market Drivers for VoIP
7.1.2 VoIP Market Growth
7.1.3 Leading Countries for VoIP
7.1.4 VoIP Market Size
7.1.5 Operators Throttling VoIP
7.1.6 VoIP Revenue per User
7.1.7 Strategy
7.2 Visiongain Interview with Vonage
7.2.1 Key Trends in the VoIP Market
7.2.2 Key Challenges in the VoIP Market
7.2.3 Leading Regions for VoIP
7.2.4 Operators Throttling VoIP
7.2.5 VoIP Growth Rates
7.2.6 Technical Developments

8. Leading Companies in the VoIP Market

8.1 Comcast Cable
8.2 AT&T
8.3 Verizon
8.4 Orange
8.4.1 EE and Orange
8.5 Facetime