Business Environment
1. Health Care Expenditures
2. Cost Consciousness
3. Reimbursement
4. Industry Consolidation
5. Managed Care
a. PPO
b. HMO
6. Hospitals
7. Admissions
8. Length of Stay
9. Industry Diversification
10. Physician Demographics
11. Population Aging
a. Chronic Illness
b. Disease Incidence
c. Susceptibility to Iatrogenesis
d. Multiple Illness Cases
12. Laboratory Regulations
13. FDA Reform
Market Structure
1. Hospitals
2. Commercial/Private Laboratories
3. Blood Banks
Market Size, Growth and Major Suppliers' Market Shares

List of Tables
Molecular Diagnostics Test Volume Forecasts by Application
Molecular Diagnostic Sales Forecasts by Application
Market Share of Major Supplier of Molecular Diagnostic Tests
Market Shares of Major Supplier of HIV/Hepatitis Blood Screening Assays
Market Share of Major Supplier of West Nile Virus Blood Screening Assays