1.Executive summary

2.Quantum Dot Technology: An Overview

2.1 Display Market
2.2 Quantum Dot Display
2.3 Fabrication Process
2.4 OLED
2.5 Quantum Dots in LCD Displays
2.6 Differences with OLED TV
2.7 Similarities with OLED

3.Global Quantum Dot Market: An Analysis

3.1 Global Quantum Dot TV Market: Sizing and Growth by Volume
3.2 Global Quantum Dot TV Market: Sizing and Growth by Value

4.TV Market Segmentation Analysis

4.1 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
4.1.1 LCD-TV Shipment
4.2 OLED
4.2.1 Oled TV shipment
4.3 Quantum Dot Penetration in LCD-TV
4.3.1 Sales of QD used in LCD display
4.3.2 Global TV shipment Market
4.3.3 Quantum Dot Requirement
4.3.4 TV shipment and quantum dot requirement (2012-2014)
4.3.5 TV shipment and quantum dot requirement (2015-2019)

5. Market Dynamics: Global Quantum Dot Market

5.1 Growth Drivers
5.1.1 Demand of improved quality displays
5.1.2 Expected Low Cost of QD-TV OVER LCD
5.1.3 Decrease in shipments of Curved TVs
5.1.4 Increase in global TV shipments
5.1.5 Increase in QD material market
5.1.6 Accurate colors
5.1.7 Economic Development

5.2 Market Challenges
5.2.1 Concerns
5.2.3 Regulations
5.2.4 Fail to create perfect black color
5.2.5 Environment Issues
5.2.6 Health concerns

5.3 Market Trends
5.3.1 Quantum dot rail (QD VISION)
5.3.2 Quantum dot films (NANOSYS, NANOCO)
5.3.3 UHD TV
5.3.4 Quantum-dot TVs launched

6. Competitive Landscape: Global Quantum Dot Market

7. Company Profiling: Global Quantum Dot Market

7.1.1 Business Overview
7.1.2 Financial Overview
7.1.3 Business Strategies

7.2 Nanosys
7.2.2 Business Overview
7.2.3 Financial Overview
7.2.4 Business Strategies

7.3 Sony
7.3.2 Business Overview
7.3.3 Financial Overview
7.3.4 Business Strategies

7.4 Cheil industries (Samsung group)
7.4.2 Business overview
7.4.3 Financial overview
7.4.4 Business Strategies

List of Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Quantum Dots core shell structure
Figure 2: Density States of Quantum Dots
Figure 3: Color Accuracy Map
Figure 4: Ambient Light Screen Shots
Figure 4: QD-LED Cross section
Table 1: Characteristics of Quantum Dots
Figure 5: Global QD-TV Shipment-2014-2019-Million Units
Figure 6: QD TV Penetration Rate in Percent (2014-2019)
Figure 7: Global QD-TV Makret-2014-2019-US$ Billion
Figure 8: Global LCD-TV Unit Shipment (Thousands of Units)
Figure 9: OLED TV shipment (Unit Millions)
Figure 10: OLED-TV penetration rate (percentage)
Figure 11: Quantum Dot Penetration in LCD-TV (Percentage)
Figure 12: Sales of QD Used in LCD Display-US$ Million
Figure 13: TV shipment forecast by size (Million units)-2012-2019
Table 2: TV shipment forecast by size (Million units)-2012-2019
Figure 14 : Qantum Dot Requirement According to TV Size in Kgs-2012- 2019
Table 3: Quantum Dot Requirement according to TV size in Kgs-2012- 2019
Figure 15 : TV Shipment And Corressponding Quantum Dot Requirement (2012-2014)
Figure 16: TV Shipment and Corresponding Quantum Dot Requirement-2015-2019
Figure 17: Cost Comparison Between QD And LCD
Figure 18 : Curved TV(LCD/OLED) Shipment-Units Million (2014-2018)
Figure 19: Global TV Shipment-Million Units (2011-2018)
Figure 20: QD Material Market-US$ Billion-(2014-2019)
Figure 21: Quantum Dot-Enhanced BLU’s Color Spectrum
Figure 22: Global GDP (2008-2013)
Figure 23: Nanoco’s Revenue (2011-2014)-US$ Million
Figure 24: Nanoco’s operating loss (2011-2014)-US$ Million
Figure 25: Nanosys Revenue (2011-2014)-US$ Million
Figure 26: Nanosys Operating Profit (loss)-2011-2014-US$ Million
Figure 27: Sony‘s Revenue for Home Entertainment and Sound (2011-2013)-US$ Billion
Figure 28: Sony’s Operating Profit(Loss) for Home Entertainment and Sound-2011-2013-US$ Billion
Figure 29: Cheil Industries QD-TV Revenue Forecast-2014-2018-US$ Billion
Figure 30: Cheil Industries Operating Profit-2014-2018-US$ Billion