Chilled Food Eastern Europe
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Product coverage and definition
Fresh Pasta Fresh pasta: including filled, including frozen/chilled, excluding with sweet filling.
Chilled Vegetables Washed and prepared uncooked vegetables and wet salads, "4e gamme", excluding cooked vegetables ("5e gamme") which are are included under "Delicatessen products"
Liquid Milk Liquid milk for human consumption: include fullfat, semiskimmed, skimmed, raw milk, pasteurised, UHT, sterilised. Excludes: buttermilk (sour milk), chocolate milk, other flavoured milk.
Cream Cream, including UHT, (converted to 33% butterfat equivalent in all cases), excluding cream substitutes.
Yoghurt Yoghurt, plain, fruit and flavoured, including drinking yoghurt, in all packaging types. In Central & Eastern Europe including kefir. In USA and UK excluding "smoothies".
Fresh Cheese Fresh cheese, plain or flavoured, e.g. Philadelphia, Quark and Boursin type, cottage cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, excluding petits suisses type which are under Chilled desserts.
Natural Cheese Hard (Cheddar, Edam, Gruyere), soft (Brie, Camembert) and blue types (Roquefort, Stilton). Generally chilled shelf life of up to 60 days. In CEE, includes melted cheese with shelf life of 6080 days and most spreads, excepting Philadelphia.
Chilled Dairy Desserts Chilled desserts (mousse, trifle, fools/flavoured cream, flans, cheesecake, crème caramel, plain and flavoured petits suisses) [NL: Includes "Vla" & "Pap"].
All Butter All butter and lowfat dairy spreads. Volumes expressed at 83% butterfat.
Butter Standard butter (83% fat only), salted and unsalted, pasteurised or not.
Dairy Spreads Other dairy spreads, low fat butter (4165% butterfat), excluding dairy/non dairy blends and "bregott", volumes expressed in product weight.
All Margarine All margarine and lowfat nondairy spreads and blends. Volumes expressed at 83% fat equivalent.
Margarine Margarine (standard): standard margarine (over 82% fat), hard or soft. Nondairy spreads with 6080% fat content will be included if marketed as margarines.
NonDairy Spreads Other non dairy spreads, low fat margarines and minarines (2560% fat), including "bregott" and dairy/non dairy blends, volumes expressed in product weight. Japan: includes fat spreads.
Cured Meat Charcuterie: cured meat, fresh and cured sausages, salami, Wurstwaren, saucissons, salchichon. Central & Eastern Europe includes savoury salami/sausage made of cured meat with added vegetables and gelatine (Hungary: aszpikos). USA: inc. meat snacks, lunch
Bacon & Ham Bacon and ham, cooked, salted or cured, inc. joints and rashers, Schinken u. Speck, salaisons, fiambres.
Delicatessen Products Delicatessen products, cooked meats, meat pies, sausage rolls, pasties, inc. pâtés, "produits traiteur", cooked prepared salads containing potatoes. vegetables, meat and/or fish. In CEE, meat products consumed at ambient temperature. North America: dips
Dried Smoked Salted Fish Dried, salted, and smoked fish, and surimi products
Chilled Ready Meals Chilled ready meals (recipe dishes type), including refrigerated pizzas, vegetable, meat and/or fishbased meals (including cookchill/ "sous vide" for retail and catering).
Sandwiches Industrially produced coldeating sandwiches and filled baguettes sold in retail, catering, forecourts, vending machines, excluding hamburgers, filled tortillas. Also excludes sandwich bars sales.
Country coverage : Bulgaria,Czech Republic,Hungary,Poland,Romania,Russia,Slovakia,Turkey

For each of the products covered (listed above) and in each of the countries covered (listed above), as well as for the aggregate data for the entire market covered, the following information is provided:

Flowchart of Major Suppliers, Demand and Distribution Channels

Historical Demand in 2011, 2015, 2016 (in volume)
Historical Demand in 2011, 2015, 2016 (in value)
Forecast Demand 2017, 2018 & 2019 (in volume)
Forecast Demand 2017, 2018 & 2019 (in value)
Historical 5year growth rates 2011 2016 (in volume)
Historical 5year growth rates, 2011 2016 (in value)
Breakdown between Foodservice and Retail Market in 2016 (in volume)
Breakdown between Foodservice and Retail Market in 2016 (in value)
Per capita consumption in retail, foodservice and total market, 2016 (in volume)
Per capita expenditure in retail, foodservice and total market, 2016 (in value)
Strategic Assessment: percentage represented by the country product market from the regional product market (North America, Western Europe or Central Europe). Does not apply to Brazil, India, Russia, China and Turkey.

Definition: Company Market Shares given for the Total Market (retail, foodservice and artisanal).
Updating: underlying food and drink database updated regularly, including for Mergers & Acquisitions
Supplier market shares (usually up to 10 shares cited by product and in each country)
Who Owns Whom: Key Local Subsidiaries of each Ultimate Holding Company
Distribution Channels % Shares: Branded, Unbranded, Own (Private) Label and Artisanal (ownproduced for own sale, e.g. bakers)
Major Brands for the suppliers cited

Especially important where FFT has identified more than 10 holding companies
Company Market Shares and Rankings within the aggregate market covered by the report
List of all Holding Companies identified for this market covered
Who Owns Whom: All Key Local Subsidiaries identified
Major Brands by Holding Company and Key Subsidiary