Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Vendor Profile

Situation Overview

Mutually Inclusive: BYOD, Corporate-Liable Devices, and Software

Company Overview

Company Strategy

A Hardware Juggernaut at a Crossroads

Enterprise Product and Solution Strategy

Enterprise Diversification Preferable to Comparable Consumer Initiatives

Market Positioning

Enterprise-Grade Android: Myths and Realities

Channeling the EMM Ecosystem

Key Differentiators/Strengths and Weaknesses

Future Outlook

Challenges and Opportunities



Essential Guidance

Advice for Samsung

You Have Little Time to Invest Lots of Money

Advice for Buyers

A Credible New Offering in the Market

Advice for Other Vendors

Do or Don't, But If You Do, Partner Creatively

Advice for Operators

Your Next Managed Service Dimension

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