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IDC Opinion

In This Study


Situation Overview

The Statistical CISO

The Statistical Security Group

The Security Job Shortfall

Why Jobs Are Unfilled

Deciphering the Mystery of Skills and Experience in Security Groups

Skill Attributes

Overall Results

Individual Experience-Level Trends

0-5 Years

6-10 Years

11-15 Years

16-20 Years

21+ Years

Individual Attribute Trends


Technical Expertise

Security Experience

Industry Experience

Management Experience

Corporate Culture

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

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Related Research

Appendix: Respondent Profile


Table: Security FTE and Salary Ranges by Experience Level

Table: Duration of Open Positions Over Time and by Experience Level (% of Respondents)

Table: Top Reasons for Open Positions

Table: Average Score for Skill Attributes at Each Experience Level

Figure: Respondents by Industry

Figure: Respondents by Total Revenue

Figure: Respondents by Number of Employees