Table of Contents

IDC Manufacturing Insights Opinion

In This Study

Research Methodology

Situation Overview

Investment in ERP

Business Needs

Management Challenges

Top Drivers to Improve ERP

Regional Perspective

The Best Practices

Bestseller's Migration to Cloud

Harrison Malayalam's Cloud Migration

Two-Tier ERP Implementation

Mother Dairy's Two-Tier ERP Implementation

Business Need


Business Benefits

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

Actions to Consider

Checklist of Points to be Aware of for Cloud Deployment


Data Ownership

Termination of Contracts

Specialized Skill Sets

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Related Research


Table: Top Drivers to Improve ERP

Table: Types of SaaS ERP Deployments

Figure: Industry Split of Participants

Figure: Functions Benefitting Most Significantly from Cloud Strategy in the Next Three Years

Figure: India Manufacturing IT Spending Guide 2014

Figure: The Journey of Cloud Adoption for ERP