Table Of Contents

Research Methodology
1 Frost & Sullivan Research Approach
2 Frost & Sullivan Research Step-by-Step Overview
3 Overview of Research Process
4 Sample Methodology
5 Data Collection Quality Process
6 Sample Distribution by Service Provider
7 Sample Demographics—Age and Gender
8 Sample Demographics—Monthly Personal Income
9 Frost & Sullivan Customer Experience Index

Executive Summary
1 Customer Experience Management (CEM) for Singaporean Telecommunications Services in 2014
2 Customer Experience—Definition
3 Factors for Choosing Telecom Service Provider
4 Factors for Discontinuation of Telecom Service Patronage
5 Preferred Channel for Telecom Service
6 Preferred Channel across Stages
7 Mobile Apps Vs Contact Centre Channels
8 Customer Experience Index—Definition and Score
9 Overall CEI Score by Telecom Service Provider
10 Net Promoter Score by Telecom Service Provider
11 Channel Integration and Feedback by Telecom Service Provider
12 Product and Service Recommendation by Telecom Service Provider
13 Customer Loyalty Reward by Telecom Service Provider

CEM Study—Singaporean Telecommunications Services 2014
1 Reason for Service Discontinuation
2 Preferred Channel for Customer Interaction
3 In-Store vs Website Transaction
4 Average Frequency of In-Store Visit
5 Customers’ Top Priority-experience Matrix
6 Degree of Channel Integration
7 Priority of Superior Customer Experience and Living up to Sales Promises
8 Customer Loyalty Reward
9 Customer Experience with Touch-points
10 Degree of Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction—In-Store vs Kiosks Channels
11 Degree of Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction—Online vs Contact Centre Channels

Understanding Pre-Purchase Behaviour
1 Factors for Choosing Medical Insurance Company
2 Product and Service Recommendation by Telecom Service Provider
3 New Product Consideration by Telecom Service Provider
4 Channel Used at Pre-Purchase Stage
5 Channel Used for Pre-Purchase Enquiry
6 Customer Experience with Touch-points

Understanding Purchase Behaviour
1 Channel Used
2 Preferred Channel at Purchase Stage

Understanding Post-Purchase Behaviour
1 Channels Revisited for Post-Sale Enquiry
2 Channel Used for Post-Sale Enquiry
3 Evaluation of Experience in the Post-purchase Stage Broken down by Customer Experience Indicators
4 Customer Experience with Touch-points

Analysis by Customer Experience Index (CEI)
1 Customer Loyalty, Recommendation and Additional Purchase
2 Overall CEI Score by Channels/Touch-points
3 Overall CEI Score by Medical Insurance Provider
4 CEI Score for Sales In-Store
5 CEI Score for Self-Service
6 CEI Score for Mobile App
7 CEI Score for Contact Centre
8 Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Analysis by Company: SingTel
1 SingTel—Customer Transactions’ Preference
2 SingTel—Customer Priority-Experience Profile
3 SingTel—Frequency of Interaction Customer Experience Profile

Analysis by Company: StarHub
1 StarHub—Customer Transactions’ Preference
2 StarHub—Customer Priority-Experience Profile
3 StarHub—Frequency of Interaction Customer Experience Profile

Analysis by Company: M1
1 M1—Customer Transactions’ Preference
2 M1—Customer Priority-Experience Profile
3 M1—Frequency of Interaction Customer Experience Profile

Our Final Words: What We Are Excited About
1 Contact Centres: Where is it Heading with Regards to CEM?
2 Mobile Application: The New CEM battleground?
3 Timely Product Promotion that are Relevant: What is Next?
4 Would Improving Customer Rewards Programmes Positively Impact Both Customers and Service Providers?