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Situation Overview

I. DX: Accelerating Business Disruption from Digital Transformation

II. Cy-Q: An Interconnected, Informed, Interactive, Intrusive, Intelligent, and Cognitive Ecosystem

III. Talent Quest: High Demand for Next-Generation Business/IT Skills, But Scarce Supply

IV. Urban Corridors: The Growing Impact of Megacities

V. Cloud Life: The Merging of Real Life with Digital Identity

VI. 21st Century Battleground: The Race for Cyber Supremacy

VII. East-West: Shifting Global Economic Power, Balance, and Influence

VIII. David and Goliath: Rising Competition Between Distributed and Grid Energy Models

IX. Connected Well-Being: Convergence of Mobile, Sensors, and Social

X. Risky Business: International Impact of Economic Volatility

XI. Rising Tide: The Societal Impact of Climate Extremes

XII. Shifting Gears: The Slowing Pace of IT Productivity

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

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Appendix: IDC's FutureScape Framework


Figure: Critical External Drivers Shaping IT and Business Planning: IDC FutureScape, 2016

Figure: Digital Transformation Journey

Figure: CY-Q

Figure: U.S. IT Business Spend CAGR, 2013-2018

Figure: Cloud Life

Figure: Top 10 Economies, 2014 and 2050

Figure: IDC's FutureScape Framework