1. Industry Profile

1.1 Sector overview

1.2 Sector size

1.3 Competitive landscape

1.4 Environmental scanning

2. Market Trends and Outlook

2.1 Key economic indicators-Indonesia

2.2 Textile trade

2.3 Prices

2.4 Market outlook

3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix

3.1 Leading players

3.1.1 PT Pan Brothers Tex Tbk (Pan Brothers)

3.1.2 PT Eratex Djaja Tbk (Eratex)

3.1.3 PT Ever Shine Tex Tbk (Ever Shine)

3.2 Comparative matrix

3.3 SWOT analysis

4. Tables and Charts

Table 1: Structure of Indonesian textile and garment industry

Table 2: Framework of textile and textile products industry development

Table 3: Key financial ratios of leading players

Chart 1: GDP contribution by textile and garments industry

Chart 2: Segment share in terms of value of production output

Chart 3: Export earnings from textile sector

Chart 4: World's largest textile export markets

Chart 5: Projected investment in textile, leather and footwear industry

Chart 6: Position of People's Representative Council after 2014 Elections

Chart 7: GNI per capita, Atlas method

Chart 8: Quarterly GDP growth rate-Indonesia

Chart 9: Trade balance of Indonesia

Chart 10: Average monthly USD to IDR exchange rate

Chart 11: Government budget deficit

Chart 12: CPI Inflation-Indonesia

Chart 13: BI rate-Indonesia

Chart 14: Y/Y change in industrial production index-Textiles

Chart 15: Y/Y change in industrial production index-Garments

Chart 16: Exports by segments

Chart 17: Imports in the textile and garments sector

Chart 18: Producer price index for textile spinning and weaving

Chart 19: Producer price index for garments

Chart 20: Net export sales by geographical region

Chart 21: Net sales of Pan Brothers

Chart 22: Profit margins of Pan Brothers

Chart 23: Net export sales by geographical region

Chart 24: Net sales of Eratex

Chart 25: Profit margins of Eratex

Chart 26: Net export sales by geographical region

Chart 27: Net sales of Ever Shine

Chart 28: Profit margins of Ever Shine