Table Of Contents

Executive Summary
1 Small Satellites—Conventions and Current Status
2 Key Findings
3 Small-Satellite Market—Key Differentiators
4 Small-Satellite Missions—Pros & Cons

Recent and Upcoming Research Efforts
1 Cubesats in Interplanetary Mission
2 Cubesat for Remote Sensing on Moon
3 Cubesats for Testing Inter-Satellite Communication (ESA)
4 Inter-Satellite Communication Link for Micro-Sats (DARPA)
5 High-Resolution Sensor in a Small-Satellite Platform
6 Small-Satellite Research Efforts—Future Implications

Recent Upcoming Business Efforts—Imaging/GIS Analytics Services
1 Market Overview—Uniting Themes and Success Factors
2 Market Overview—Uniting Themes and Success Factors
3 PlanetiQ
4 Spire Global Inc
5 Planet Labs Inc
6 Urthecast Corp
7 Skybox Imaging Inc
8 BlackSky Global
9 Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology (21AT)
10 GeoOptics Inc
11 OmniEarth Inc

Recent Upcoming Business Efforts—Other Small-Satellite-Based Services
1 Astroscale Pte Ltd
2 OneWeb Ltd
3 Key Trends of Evolving Small-Satellite-Based Services

Small-Satellite Launch Forecast
1 Small-Satellite Launch Forecast
2 Commercial Imagery Small-Sat Launch Forecast
3 Small-Satellite Launch Forecast Discussion

Small-Satellite Imaging Market
1 Small-Satellites Imaging Market—Partial Revenue Forecast
2 Satellite Imaging Market—Revenue Forecast
3 Small-Satellite Imaging Market—Revenue Forecast
4 Small-Satellite Imaging Market—Revenue Forecast Discussion
5 Small-Satellite Imaging Market—Winners and Success Factors

Strategic Recommendations
1 Key Pointers for Capitalizing on the Fast Growing Market
2 Legal Disclaimer

The Frost & Sullivan Story
1 The Frost & Sullivan Story
2 Value Proposition—Future of Your Company & Career
3 Global Perspective
4 Industry Convergence
5 360º Research Perspective
6 Implementation Excellence
7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy