1.Executive summary
2.Research objectives and methodology
4.Patient centricity overview
5.Key findings
6.Definition of patient centricity
7.Importance of patient centricity
8.How patient-centric is pharma?
9.Several companies are seen to be leading the way
10.Organisation within pharma
11.Key findings
12.‘Patient-centric' roles vary between companies
13.Stakeholder engagement
14.Key findings
15.Companies are largely engaging with advocacy groups
16.Insight generation is one of the most important roles for patients
17.Early engagement is key for patient involvement
18.Barriers to becoming patient-centric
19.Key findings
20.Internal barriers can prevent true patient-centricity being embedded
21.Regulatory and compliance issues are commonly seen as barriers
22.There are several external factors that can hinder patient-centricity
23.Future outlook
24.Key findings
25.Patient-centricity will continue to drive pharma strategy
26.Patient-centric roles are likely to become more common
27.Collaboration with other industries will help advance patient?centricity
28.There are several key recommendations for patient-centricity