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Mobile Wallet Wars
Mobile wallet providers will use incentives to lure consumers to mobile payments
A growing number of new providers will compete to build their user base over the next year
Mobile wallet providers that fail to enhance their offerings will struggle to achieve longevity
Samsung and Google are offering a number of rewards and incentives to drive Samsung Pay and Android Pay adopt
Cyber Security
Regulators will issue more explicit rules and guidelines for internet payments security
Reserve Bank of India mandated FA practices
South Africa introduces D secure to combat fraud
EU review of Payment Services Directive imminent
US introduces Cyber security Information Sharing Act
Cross-industry information sharing initiatives will prove essential in the fight against fraud
Private-public partnerships progressing in the US
Europol's European Cybercrime Centre enforcing cyber security in EU
Password-less authentication
Consumers' lax attitudes to information security will continue to be a major cause for concern
Static passwords will be phased out as providers deploy a host of new authentication mechanisms
POS terminal modernization
POS vendors will ramp up their efforts to provide merchants with more than just card acceptance
Worldpay trialing facial recognition technology in UK
Verifone Engage incorporates retail practices into payment system
Verifone Engage improved All recipes' customer engagement
Social Commerce
Social commerce will enter the proof-of-concept stage in , with Facebook leading the way in the West
Facebook has been improving its commercial capabilities
Social commerce won't take off overnight, as consumers will need to be convinced of its benefits
Infant social commerce in the West could take lessons from Asia
Fast-paced innovation in a burgeoning market
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List of Tables
Table 1: Phishing incidents at major US companies
Table 2: Companies experimenting with new authentication methods

List of Figures
Figure 1: Verdict Financial Consumer Insight Infographic
Figure 2: Mobile Wallet Providers
Figure 3: Apple Wallet survey as of October 2015
Figure 4: Samsung promotional offer
Figure 5: European and US information sharing initiatives' logos
Figure 6: Mobile banking compromises victim attitudes and behavior
Figure 7: Companies modernizing POS terminals
Figure 8: Social media platforms consumers would most likely use that would lead to making a purchase