1. Overview of the Cervical Cancer
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Stages of the Cervical Cancer
1.2.1 Stage 0
1.2.2 Stage 1
1.2.3 Stage 2
1.2.4 Stage 3
1.2.5 Stage 4

2. Occurrence Rate of the Cervical Cancer
2.1 Incidence of the Cervical Cancer in Indian States
2.2 Prevalence of Cervical Cancer in India
2.3 Existence of the Cervical Cancer around the World

3. Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer
3.1 Reasons for High Cervical Cancer Frequencies
3.2 Rural v/s Urban Cervical Cancer Risk Trends

4. Cervical Cancer Screening in India
4.1 Accessible Screening Approaches in India
4.1.1 Pap smear Method
4.1.2 Liquid Based Cytology Method
4.1.3 Visual Inspection with the Acetic Acid (VIA)
4.1.4 HPV DNA Test
4.2 Screening for Cervical Cancer in Developing Countries
4.3 Cervical Cancer Screening Kits
4.3.1 VIRO-Safe Screening Kit
4.3.2 The Digene Hc2 High Risk HPV DNA Test Kit
4.3.3 Magnivisualizer Detecting Device

5. Therapeutics Strategies for the Treatment of Cervical Cancer
5.1 Surgery
5.1.1 Hysterectomy
5.1.2 Pelvic Exenteration
5.1.3 Radical hysterectomy
5.1.4 Conization
5.1.5 Trachelectomy
5.2 Radiotherapy
5.2.1 External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT)
5.2.2 Branchytherapy
5.3 Chemotherapy

6. HPV Vaccination in India
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Efficacy of the HPV Vaccine
6.3 Cost of HPV Vaccine for Developed & Developing Countries

7. Vaccination Programs by the Indian Government

8. Available HPV Vaccines in India
8.1 Quadrivalent Vaccine: - Gardasil
8.2 Bivalent Vaccine: - Cervarix

9. India Cervical Cancer Vaccines Market Analysis
9.1 India v/s Other Markets of Cervical Cancer Vaccine
9.2 Cervical Cancer Vaccine Market in India

10. HPV Vaccines Market Dynamics
10.1 Favorable Market Parameters
10.2 Challenges to the Development & Commercialization of HPV Vaccine

11. India Cervical Cancer Screening Market Future Prospects

List of Figures

Figure 1-1: Demonstration of Tumor Formation in Cervix
Figure 1-2: Cervical Cancer Stages
Figure 3-1: Factors for the Occurrence of Cervical Cancer
Figure 3-2: Burden of Cervical Cancer in India
Figure 4-1: Cervical Cancer Screening Approaches
Figure 4-2: India - Market Opportunity for Pap Smear Test (US$ Billion), 2017 till 2022
Figure 4-3: India - Market Opportunity for Pap Smear Test (INR Crore), 2017 till 2022
Figure 4-4: Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid Test Performance
Figure 4-5: Cervical Cancer Screening Programme Barriers
Figure 5-1: Treatment Approaches for Cervical Cancer
Figure 6-1: Market Price of HPV Vaccine in US & India (US$)
Figure 9-1: Segmentation of the Global Cervical Cancer Vaccine Market (%)
Figure 9-2: Three Regional Markets with the Growth Potential in World
Figure 9-3: India - Market Opportunity for Cervarix & Gardasil Vaccine at Annual Dosage Rate (US$ Billion), 2017 till 2022
Figure 9-4: India - Market Opportunity for Cervarix & Gardasil Vaccine at Annual Dosage Rate (INR Crore), 2017 till 2022
Figure 10-1: Favorable Market Drivers for the HPV Vaccine Market
Figure 10-2: Limiting Factors for the Cervical Cancer Market Growth

List of Tables

Table 2-1: Prevalence of Cervical Cancer in India
Table 4-1: Available Screening kits with the Market Price
Table 7-1: Challenges and the Solutions to the Project Implementation
Table 8-1: Bivalent and Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine