Executive summary
Market context
Tobacco products market, 2008 & 2018
Tobacco products market, tons, 2008-2018
Market size and structure
Smokeless tobacco consumption, tons, 2008-2018
Smokeless tobacco: market segmentation, tons, 2008-2018
Smokeless sales by segment, tons, 2008-2018
Production and trade
Production and exports: Netherlands produce
smokeless tobacco
Imports of smokeless tobacco, tons, 2007-2017
Imports by country of origin, % tons, 2017
Smokeless tobacco: imports by country of origin, volume, 2007-2017
Exports/Re-exports of smokeless Tobacco, Tons, 2007-2017
Imports by country of origin, % value, 2017
Exports by country of destination, volume %, 2007 - 2017
Exports by country of destination, value, 2007-2017
Taxation and retail prices
Tax incidence by product, March 2019
Smokeless tobacco: retail prices, March 2019
Manufacturers and brands
Smoking vs. smokeless tobacco usership
comparison by gender, %, 2017
Operating Constraints
Operating constraints
Health warnings and labeling requirements
Prospects and forecasts
Market forecasts, tons, 2018-2028
Per capita consumption, grams per person, 2018-2028
Summary methodology
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Companies Mentioned
- Trimbos
- Landewyck
- Ozona
- Gawith Apricot
- GletscherPrise
- Roosendaal