Chapter One -Executive Summary
Contract Manufacturing
Market Size
Chapter Two - Introduction
Outsourcing of Medical Devices
Medical Device Regulation in China
Chinese Medical Device Company Landscape
Regulation of Contract Manufacturing
Components of the Contract Manufacturing Process
Materials and Material Processing Components
Material Handling and Packaging Equipment
Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives
Rubber Adhesives
Metal Fabrication and Metal Injection Molding
Sheet metal fabrication:-
Metal injection molding (MIM):_
Plastics Extrusions
Plastics Moldings
Flow Control and Fluid Transfer
Fluid Power Components
Electronic and Advanced Components
Networking Equipment
Communication Devices
Optical Components
Signal Conditioning
Manufacturing Software
Sensors, Transducers and Detectors
Medical Software
Industrial Computers
Embedded Systems
Test and Measurement Equipment
Measurement Equipment
Video Equipment
Medical imaging Equipment
Finished Products.
Chapter Three: Market Analysis
Market by Contract Manufacturing Process Segment
Market by Medical Device Category
Growth in the Contracting of Medical Devices
Chapter Four: Companies in the Market
Chinese Contract Manufacturing Companies
Global Contract Manufacturing Companies