Chapter One: Executive Summary
Scope and Methodology
Size of Market and Forecast
Figure 1-1: Market For Bioinformatics in NGS
Companies in The Market

Chapter Two: It As An Essential Part of Sequencing
Applications For Sequencing
Research, Drug Discovery and Development
Clinical Diagnostic Applications of Sequencing
Genetic Analysis – Inherited Disorders, Prenatal and Postnatal Diagnostics
Company Activities in NGS Bioinformatics
Steps in The NGS Bioinformatics Process
Data Handling
Data Visualization
Read Alignment
Variant Calling
Case Study - Atrial Filbration
Companies in The Market
Table 2-1: Selected Companies Developing/Marketing NGS Information Technology Solutions

Chapter Three: Market Analysis
Advances in Technology and Research
Increasing Number of Clinical Applications For Next Generation Sequencing
Market Size and Forecast For NGS Bioinformatics
Table 3-1: Market For NGS Bioinformatics ($M)
Market Segment -Software and Instruments
Market Segment - Services
Thoretical/Indirect Bioinformatics Market For NGS
Figure 3-1: It Component in Next-Generation Market Space
Figure 3-2: Theoretical Market For NGS Bioinformatics (Direct Sales Plus Value-Add To Sequencer Instrument Sales)

Chapter Four: Company Profiles
Advaita Bioinformatics
Advanced Biological Laboratories (Abl)
Bina Technologies, Inc. (Part of Roche Sequencing)
Biodiscovery, Inc.
Biomatters Ltd.
Cypher Genomics Inc.
CLC Bio (A Qiagen Company)
Edico Genome
Euformatics Oy
Google Genomics (Alphabet)
IBM Healthcare
Intel Corporation
Knome Inc.
Illumina, Inc.
Perkin Elmer
Personal Genome Diagnostics Inc. (Pgdx)
Sophia Genetics
Roche Diagnostics
Foundation Medicine:
Ariosa Diagnostics:
Bina Technologies:
Kapa Biosystems:
Sapio Sciences