1. Introduction - understanding market context
Executive Summary
Alcoholic Beverages Industry Snapshot
Enablers and inhibitors of growth

2. Category and segment insight - identifying growth opportunities
Beer & Cider Volume and Value growth projections
Category Performance
Beer & Cider Types -Winners & Losers
Brand vs. Private Label Dynamics
Price Segment Dynamics
Flavor Segment Dynamics
Craft Segment Dynamics
Alcoholic Strength Segment Dynamics
Beer Emerging Trends & Opportunities
Cider Emerging Trends & opportunities
Key drivers of change within Beer & Cider

3. Company and brand insight - the competitive landscape defined
Leading company volume & value
Leading Beer & Cider Companies
Brand & Private Label Trends - Beer
Brand & Private Label Trends - Cider
Best in category brand performance

4. Distribution insight - attractive routes to market
Sub-channel evolution in beer & cider
Price point analysis

5. Product & Packaging insights - key trends and strategic issues
Packaging Trends & Strategic Issues - Beer & Cider
Beer Packaging Trends
Cider Packaging Trends

6. Consumer insight - who, what, when, where, and why
Key drivers influencing Beer & Cider consumption
Trend analysis
Strategic issues map

7. Recommendations - White spaces and innovation
opportunities across the consumer value chain
Highest-growth segments
Actionable Insights

8. Market Context and Disruptors
Top global issues in Beer & Cider
Future disruptors across the Beverages value chain
Top stories in Denmark
Macroeconomic environment

9. Appendix and Definitions

Companies Mentioned
- Carlsberg Denmark
- Royal Unibrew
- Harboe
- Vestfyen
- Cult GmbH
- Thisted
- Skovlyst
- Ørbæk