1. Supply Chain Systems Under Transformation - Key Trends and Growth Insights
Research Scope and Methodology
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Key Findings and Growth Insights

Supply Chain - Past and Present
Automation and Precision-enabled Solutions are Key to Manage Supply Chain Flows
Supply Chain Operations Reference Model

Planning for Improvement
Approaches to Planning for Improvement
Planning for Improvement - Integrated Planning
Planning for Improvement - Assessment of Capabilities
Planning for Improvement - Role of Technologies

Globalization and Offshoring Trends to Reduce Procurement Costs
Reduction of Procurement Costs to be Given High Priority
Procurement Efficiency will be Driven by Technologies
Integration with Supplier Networks through Technologies

Supply Chain Transformational Trends
Key Supply Chain Transformation Trends
Supply Chain Transformation - Performance Aspirations
Technological Impact on Supply Chain Functions

Strategic Initiatives and Growth Opportunities
Outlook and Insights
Growth Opportunity - Supply Chain Systems and Logistics
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

The Last Word
The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
What does Frost & Sullivan's Global Transportation and Logistics Program Cover?
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