1. Executive Summary
Highlights of 2018
Predictions for 2019

2. Research Scope and Segmentation
Research Scope
Vehicle Segmentation

3. Global Automotive Sales Trends
Key Highlights for 2018
Global LV Sales by Region in 2018 and 2019-Snapshot
Winners of 2018
Global LV Sales of Top 20 OEM Groups
Global LV Sales of Top 30 Automotive Markets
LV Sales of Top 15 Chinese OEM Groups Globally
LV Sales of Top OEMs Witnessing Double-Digit Growth Globally in 2018
Top 5 Markets by Sales Volume in 2018
Key Regional Markets - United States
Key Regional Markets - Canada and Mexico
Key Regional Markets - Brazil and Russia
Key Regional Markets - India and China
Key Regional Markets - Europe (G5 Vs E5)
Key Regional Markets - Emerging Economies

4. Automotive Trends to Watch Out for
Top Trends for the Automotive Industry in 2019
Trend 1-Fall of the Automotive Dragon
Trend 2-LATAM a Shining Star in Global New Vehicle Sales
Trend 3-Sedans on the Brink of Extinction
Trend 4-Brexit Horror for OEMs and Suppliers
Trend 5-New USMCA Deal Turning Tables in North America
Trend 6-Big Data Powering Automotive Businesses
Trend 7-Future of Car Upgrades Powered by Features on Demand
Trend 8-Car Platforms of the Future
Trend 9-Ridehailing IPO Bonanza
Trend 10-Multimodal Mobility Solutions Transforming Transportation
Trend 11-Evolution of Shared Mobility across Smart Cities
Trend 12-Shuttles and Taxis to Become Autonomous
Trend 13-Retailers Seeking More Inroads into Cars as a Marketplace
Trend 14-Vehicle Subscription Services Set to Sky Rocket from 2020
Trend 15-Drive for Higher Efficiency with Increased Power
Trend 16-Future of Fast Charging
Trend 17-Gen ‘Z’ Customers Set to Take Center Stage

5. ASEAN Outlook - Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand
Highlights of 2018
Malaysia-2018 Passenger Vehicles Market: Segment Trends
Malaysia-2018 Passenger Vehicles Market: Key Participants
Indonesia-2018 Passenger Vehicles Market: Segment Trends
Indonesia-2018 Passenger Vehicles Market: Key Participants
Thailand-2018 Passenger Vehicles Market: Segment Trends
Thailand-2018 Passenger Vehicles Market: Key Participants
Predictions for 2019

6. LATAM Outlook
Highlights of 2018
Top Markets by Sales Volume (2017–2019)
Unit Vehicle Sales Forecast by Powertrain Mix by Country
Unit Vehicle Sales Forecast by Transmission Mix by Country
New Formats Reshaping the Automotive Retail Process
Electro-Mobility on the Public Agenda
The Urban Mobility Landscape in Brazil
Predictions for 2019

7. Mobility Outlook
Highlights of 2018
Investments and Acquisitions in Mobility
The Micro-mobility Revolution
MaaS Poised to Streamline Urban Mobility
Impact of Blockchain Technology on MaaS
Predictions for 2019

8. Powertrain Outlook
Highlights of 2018
Western Europe - Diesel Trend: Passenger Cars
Western Europe - Trend for Low Capacity and High Powered Engines
United States of America - Diesel Car Sales Outlook
Powertrain Technology Roadmap - Gasoline Engines
Roadmap of OEM Exhaust Diesel After-treatment Strategies
eCAT for Diesel Adoption and Strategy
Diesel Exhaust After-treatment Roadmap
Technology Outlook - Gasoline Spark Controlled Compression Ignition
Technology Outlook - Variable Compression Ratio
Technology Outlook - GDi Technology
Comparison of Advanced Powertrain Technology - OEM Application
Predictions for 2019

9. eMobility Outlook
Highlights 2018
Total xEV Market Scenario Analysis
Consumers Preference - PHEVs Vs BEVs
Cost Benefit Analysis of xEV’s
Battery Specification Roadmap
LiB Manufacturing Targets Announced by Battery Makers
Key EV Start-up Landscape Highlights
EV Start-up Hotspot by Region
Next Wave - Ultra-fast EV Charging
Predictions for 2019

10. Autonomous Outlook
Highlights of 2018
In a Complex Eco System, Opportunities Lie In Individual Building Blocks
Future of Autonomous Platforms - Rethink Role of 3 Key Layers
18 Million Highly Automated Vehicles (L3/4/5) Globally by 2030
HD Mapping Segments
Migration of Steering System Requirements and Automation Levels
Steer-By-Wire and Automated Driving Technologies
Analysis by OEM Brand Positioning and Strategy for 48V Systems
Key Findings - Domain Controllers
2019 Top 5 Predictions

11. Connectivity and Telematics Outlook
Highlights of 2018
Four Pillars of Automotive IOT and Key Use Cases
OEM IOT Platforms - Comparative Analysis
Future UBI Services - Leverage IoT and Latest Technologies
On Demand Insurance Business Model Trends
Cybersecurity Threat Vectors in Connected Cars
OEM Strategies and Key Focus Areas
Smart Embedded IVIs to Challenge Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
Predictions for 2019

12. Aftermarket Outlook
Highlights of 2018
Connecting Legacy Vehicles
ADAS/Autonomous Vehicle Adoption in the U.S.
Impact of EVs on Parts Demand and Revenue
Transformation in Automotive Vehicle Servicing
Opportunity from Uberization of Vehicle Services
Consolidation in Distribution
OEM MaaS Impact on Vehicle Management
Predictions for 2019

13. Growth Opportunities and Critical Success Factors
Growth Opportunities
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

14. Conclusions
Conclusions and Outlook
Legal Disclaimer

15. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
Select New Vehicle Launches 2018
Upcoming Vehicle Launches 2019
List of Exhibits