1. Assessment of the US Digital Dental Solutions Market, Forecast to 2020
Executive Summary - The Growth of Digital Dentistry
Research Scope and Segmentation

Market Overview of the US Digital Dental Solutions
Average Annual Budget Spend for Dental Practices by Type
Market Size and Forecast in Dental Practices
Overview of Installed Base and Equipment Replacement

IO Scanner Market
Challenges for Adoption - IO Scanners Market
Dentists View on Buying Criteria for IO Scanners
Dentists View - Reasons for Not Adopting IO Scanner
IO Scanners Penetration by Dental Practices by Type
Solo Practices Penetration is Likely to Drive Sales in the Short Term
Utilization of Equipment Was Significantly High in Public Facilities as Against Private Facilities and Lowest in Solo Practices
Optical Scanners Are Most Adopted in Solo and Hospitals. The Hospitals and Solo Practices Are Likely to Be Driving the Replacement Market
Adoption Trends of IO Scanners by Practice Type
Digital Dental Solutions - IO Scanners Market Trends
Market Share and Vendor Penetration of IO Scanners
Planmeca and Carestream Have Widespread Usage Across Applications in Comparison to Other Brands

Chairside Milling Systems Market
High Capital Investment and Maintenance Costs Continue to Remain the Main Barrier for Adoption
Only 27% of Respondents Who Do Not Have a Milling Equipment But Have an IO Scanner Are Planning to Buy the Milling System for Their Facilities
Dentists View on Buying Criteria for Chairside Milling Systems
Dentists View - Reasons for Not Adopting IO Scanner
Chairside Milling Systems Penetration by Dental Practices by Type
Group Practices and Solo Practices Likely to Drive New Unit Sales in Short Term
More Than 80% of the Solo Practices Believe in Peer Reviews of Brand and Operational Efficiencies Before Investing on Chairside Milling Equipment
Adoption Trends for Chairside Milling Systems by Application
End-user Perspective on Chairside Milling Trends by Practice Type
Comparison of Number of Procedures by IO Scanners and Number of Devices Manufactured by Chairside Milling Systems
Market Share and Vendor Penetration of Chairside Milling Systems
End-user Perspective on Brand Adoption Trends of Chairside Milling Systems

Digital IO Imaging Market
Complete Transition to Only Digital is Highly Unlikely in the Next 3 to 5 Years for IO Imaging
Overall 83% of the Practices Have Digital IO Imaging Equipment
New Units Growth is Driven by Transition of Analog System to Digital - A Trend That is Likely to Remain Stable Beyond 2020
Solo Practices Continue to Have Higher Utilization of Their Analog Equipment
Public Group Practices Were the Earliest Adopters of Digital Imaging and Have the Highest Utilization Per Digital Imaging Equipment
Market Share and Vendor Penetration of Digital IO Imaging Equipment

Digital EO Imaging Market
EO Market is Primarily Restrained by High Capital Investment and High Maintenance Cost
Nearly 53% of the Overall Practices Have Digital EO System
Replacement Market is Approximately 90% for EO Imaging Equipment
Only 23% of the Total Dental Facilities Are Completely Using Digital EO X-rays
Market Share and Vendor Penetration of Digital EO Imaging

EO Scanner Market
Functional Efficiency (Inability to Understand Patient’s Oral Cavity)-A Major Deterrent for Adoption of EO Scanners
EO Scanners Penetration by Dental Practices by Type
EO Scanners is Predominantly Used in Private Group Practices
Adoption Trends for EO Scanners and Market Share
Market Share and Vendor Penetration of EO Scanners

3D Printing Market
High Cost and Lack of Expertise Are the Major Roadblocks for Adoption of 3D Printers
3D Printers Penetration by Dental Practices
3D Printers Would Gain Higher Adoption in Bigger Dental Facilities and Hospitals in the Next 5 Years
Public Facilities Likely to Have the lowest Adoption of 3D Printers, as Operational Efficiency is Not of Paramount Importance in These Facilities
Market Share and Vendor Penetration of 3D Printers

Digital Dental Solutions Market in Dental Laboratories
Overall, Each Dental Laboratories Serve Nearly 50 to 80 Facilities in the US
Solo Laboratories Produce Higher Number of Devices Per Week in the US Than Other Types of Facilities
Dental Laboratory - Market Size and Forecasts
Penetration of EO Scanners in Dental Laboratories is 80%, and the Penetration is Expected to Reach 90% in the Next 2 to 3 Years
The EO Scanner Market is Highly Consolidated With Top 3 Brand Having 90% of the Market Share
Penetration of CAD/CAM Milling Systems in Dental Laboratories is 85% and Almost All Dental Laboratories Are Expected to Have CAD/CAM Milling Systems in Next 5 years
CAD/CAM Milling Market is Consolidated by Top Three Companies
Adoption of 3D Printers is Highest in the World with Approximately 20-30% of Dental Laboratories Across the Country Have a 3D Printer
Dental Industry is Expected to Remain the Biggest Market for 3D Printers in the Next 3 to 5 Years Among Other Medical Applications
The Complete Transformation to Digital is Likely to Happen in the Next 5 to 10 Years as only 30% of Practices Still Have Conventional Systems and They Are Likely to Be Replaced With Digital Systems
Shipment and Turnaround Time
Outsourcing to Other Countries is Expected to Decrease by 20 to 40% in the Next 2 to 3 Years in Dental Laboratories

Growth Opportunity
Growth Opportunity - Disruptive Applications and Collaboration and Partnerships
Strategic Imperatives

The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer

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