IDC's Worldwide Software Taxonomy

Software Taxonomy Changes for 2018





Taxonomy Overview

Hierarchy of Software Markets


Applications Market Definitions

Collaborative Applications

Conferencing Applications

Web Conferencing Applications

Email Applications

Enterprise Social Networks

Team Collaboration Applications

Content Management Applications

Enterprise Content Management Applications

Persuasive Content Management Applications

eDiscovery Applications

Enterprise Portals

Content Sharing and Collaboration Applications

Enterprise Resource Management Applications

Financial Applications

Financial and AccountingTreasury and Risk ManagementTravel and Expense ManagementCorporate Tax Management

Human Capital Management Applications

Core HRRecruitingCompensation ManagementWorkforce Performance ManagementLearning ManagementWorkforce Management

Payroll Accounting Applications

Procurement Applications

Order Management Applications

Enterprise Performance Management Applications

Project and Portfolio Management Applications

Enterprise Asset Management Applications

Supply Chain Management Applications

Logistics Applications

Production Planning Applications

Inventory Management Applications

Production and Operations Applications

Production and Grid Management Applications

Service Industry and Public Sector Operations Applications

Other Operations Applications

Engineering Applications

Mechanical Computer-Aided Design Applications

Mechanical Computer-Aided Engineering Applications

Mechanical Computer-Aided Manufacturing Applications

Collaborative Product Data Management Applications

Other Engineering Applications

Customer Relationship Management Applications

Sales Force Productivity and Management Applications

Marketing Campaign Management Applications

Customer Service Applications

Contact Center Applications

Digital Commerce Applications

Advertising Applications

Programmatic Advertising PlatformsNon-Display Advertising PlatformsData PlatformsAdvertising Attribution

Application Development and Deployment Market Definitions

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Software

End-User Query, Reporting, and Analysis

Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence Software Platforms

Content Analytics and Search

Data Management Software

Relational Database Management Systems

Nonrelational Database Management Systems

End-User Database Management SystemsNavigational Database Management SystemsObject-Oriented Database Management SystemsMultivalue Database Management Systems

Dynamic Data Management Systems

Document-Oriented Database SystemsKey-Accessible Database SystemsGraph Database Management SystemsScalable Data Collection Managers

Database Development and Management Tools

Database AdministrationDatabase ReplicationData ModelingDatabase Development and OptimizationDatabase Security

Distributed Data Grid Managers

Data Integration and Integrity Software

Bulk Data Movement Software

Dynamic Data Movement SoftwareData Quality SoftwareData Access Infrastructure SoftwareComposite Data Framework SoftwareMaster Data Definition and Control SoftwareMetadata Management SoftwareSelf-Service Data Preparation Software

Spatial Information Management

Integration and Orchestration Software

Business-to-Business Middleware

B2B Gateway MiddlewareB2B Networks and B2B Managed Services

Integration Software

API Management SoftwareIntegration PlatformsConnectivity Adapters and Plug-In Software

Event-Driven Middleware

Message-Oriented MiddlewareStreaming Analytics Software Functions Software

Managed File Transfer

Application Development Software

Development Languages, Environments, and Tools

Software Construction Components

Business Rules Management Systems

Modeling and Architecture Tools

Object Modeling ToolsBusiness Process Modeling ToolsEnterprise Architecture Tools

Software Quality and Life-Cycle Tools

Automated Software Quality Tools

Software Change and Configuration Management

Application Platforms

Deployment-Centric Application Platforms

Application Server Software PlatformsCloud Deployment-Centric Application Platforms

Model-Driven Application Platforms

Transaction Processing Monitors

Robotic Process Automation Software

Systems Infrastructure Software Market Definitions

System and Service Management Software

IT Operations Management

IT Automation and Configuration Management

Workload ManagementDatacenter System and Application Control

IT Service Management

Network Software

Network Infrastructure Software

Network Application Delivery SoftwareNetwork Virtualization and SDN Controller Software

Network Management Software

Security Software

Identity and Digital Trust Software

Endpoint Security Software

Messaging Security Software

Network Security Software

Web Content Inspection Security

Security Analytics, Intelligence, Response, and Orchestration

Other Security Software

Storage Software

Data Replication and Protection Software

Data Protection SoftwareBackup and Recovery Reporting SoftwareStorage Replication SoftwareHost or Hypervisor-Based Replication SoftwareSystems and Data Migration SoftwareFabric and Appliance-Based Replication SoftwareArray-Based Replication SoftwareReplication Management Software

Archiving Software

Email Archiving SoftwareFile and Other Archiving Software

Storage and Device Management Software

SRM and Heterogeneous SAN Management SoftwareSRM and Homogeneous SAN Management SoftwareStorage Device Management SoftwareOther Storage Management Software

Storage Infrastructure Software

Virtualization and Federation SoftwareHost-Based File Systems and Volume Management SoftwareStorage Access and Path Management SoftwareAutomated Storage Tiering and Storage Gateway SoftwareStorage Acceleration Software

Software-Defined Storage Controller Software

Block-Based Software-Defined Storage Controller SoftwareFile-Based Software-Defined Storage Controller SoftwareObject-Based Software-Defined Storage Controller SoftwareHyperconverged Software-Defined Storage Controller Software

Endpoint Management

Output Management Tools

Device ManagementPrint ManagementEnterprise Output Management

Client Endpoint Management

Physical and Virtual Computing Software

Operating Systems and Subsystems

Core Operating SystemsClient Operating SystemsEmbedded/Industrial Operating Systems

Software-Defined Compute

Virtual Machine SoftwareContainer Infrastructure SoftwareCloud System Software

Virtual Client Computing

Other Computing Software

Related Markets

Competitive Markets

Not Necessarily Mutually Exclusive

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