1. Executive Summary
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Explanation of Research Methodology
1.4 Summary of Key Findings

2. Technology Status Review
2.1 Nanomanufacturing Emerging with High Impact Potential in the Future
2.2 Nanomanufacturing Focus on Sustainable Approaches

3. Application-based Impact Indicators
3.1 Industries Impacted: High Impact in the Semiconductor Industry
3.2 Industries Impacted: Implications of Nanoproducts on Energy and Environment
3.3 Other High Volume Production Industries with Increasing Impact

4. Impact Indicators
4.1 Strength of Patents
4.2 Comparative Analysis of Top Down Approaches
4.3 Comparative Analysis of Bottom Up Approaches
4.4 Other Emerging Techniques in the Nano Industry
4.5 Global Footprint - China Witnesses the Highest Number of Research Publications Globally
4.6 Global Footprint - Opportunities Within Developing Nations
4.7 Increasing Initiatives by the US Government Toward Nanomanufacturing
4.8 European Researchers Shift from 2D to 3D Nanomaterial Production
4.9 Global Impact of Nanomanufacturing Technology Developments

5. Innovation Indicators
5.1 Developments in the North American Region
5.2 Developments in the APAC Region
5.3 Developments in the European Region
5.4 New Developments Focused at Materials and Equipment
5.5 Researchers Move Toward 3D Printing for Multi-material Nano Part Production
5.6 3D Printing Companies Focusing on Nano Parts

6. Impact Analysis
6.1 Impact of Innovation
6.2 Analyst Viewpoint

7. Key Contacts
7.1 Key Contacts
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