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Douglas Hayward: Upskilling Employees Helps Accelerate Digital-Enabled Business Transformation

Pushkaraksh Shanbhag: Traditional Strengths Blend Well with Innovative Solutions and BXT Methodology

Manoj Vallikkat: Two Case Studies Highlighted PwC's Storytelling Skills Along with Those of Its Clients

Enabling State Government to Embrace Technology

Empowering Indian Pharma with Cybersecurity

Rishu Sharma: PWC Enabling Customer's Transformation Through BXT

Jeff Yong Xun Xie: PwC Leveraging Emerging Technologies and Internal Capabilities to Solve Business Challenges

Sampath Kumar Venkataswamy: Delivering End-to-End Value Chain Solutions Through a BXT-Led Approach

Cathy Huang: Cybersecurity Practice Has Developed Solid Qualifications Rapidly

Gard Little: PwC Has Deep Relationships with Partners in Many Ecosystems But Does Not Intend Clients to See Any Co-Branded Efforts at Its Experience Centers

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