Executive Summary
Key Findings
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
Market Definitions

Definitions - Airline IT Projects

Key Questions this Study will Answer
Market Overview
Market Overview - Airline IT Segmentation
Percent IT Expenditure by Segment - Full-Service Carriers
Percent IT Expenditure by Segment - Hybrid Carriers
Percent IT Expenditure by Segment - Low-Cost Carriers
Percent IT Expenditure by Segment - Logistics Carriers
Key Airline IT Projects - Impact on Profitability
Impact of Key IT Projects on Revenue and Expenses
Connected Aviation - Key IT Projects and Products in Airlines
Impact of Key IT Products (Software) on Revenue and Expenses
Airline IT Landscape - Key Areas Contributing to the Revenue
Drivers and Restraints - Airline IT Market
Market Drivers
Drivers Explained

Market Restraints
Restraints Explained

COVID-19 Impact - The Black Swan Event
Impact on Aviation Industry
Impact on Airline IT
Current State of Airlines
Market Trends - Airline IT Market
Trend 1-Airlines Undertaking Enterprise-wide DT Strategies
Trend 2-Integration of Data Sets to the Airline Ecosystem
Schematic Flow of Operational Data Platforms
Schematic Flow of Commercial Data Platforms
Trend 3-Migrating Workloads to the Cloud
Global Cloud Adoption Rate
Global Cloud Adoption by Segment, 2019
Global Cloud Adoption by Key Vendors, 2019
Trend 4-Cyber Security
Major Cyber Security Incidents at Airlines
Trend 5-Optimization of Airline Operations
Technology Trends - Airline IT Market
Adoption Rate of Key Technologies
Technologies in Focus for Airlines

Key Technologies - Airline Applications

Case Study - IoT and Big Data Analytics
Case Study - AI and AR/VR
Case Study - Blockchain and Robotics
Case Study - Drone and 3D Printing
Forecasts and Trends - Airline IT Market
Market Engineering Measurements
Forecast Assumptions
Total Airline IT Revenue Forecast - COVID-19 Impact
Revenue Forecast Discussion
Total Airline IT Revenue Forecast by Business Model - COVID-19 Impact
Percent Revenue Forecast by Region - COVID-19 Impact
Revenue Forecast by Region - COVID-19 Impact
Revenue Forecast Discussion by Region

Competitive Analysis - Airline IT Market
Market Share of Key Airline IT Solution Providers
Market Share Analysis
Competitive Environment
Top Competitors
Snapshot of Major Solution Providers

Airline IT Supplier Landscape-2019
Start-ups Disrupting the Airline IT Ecosystem
Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1-Disruption Management
Growth Opportunity 2-Personalizing Digital Passenger Experience at Every Touch Point
Growth Opportunity 3-Development of Operational Data Platforms
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
IT Infrastructure Segment Analysis
Segment Overview
IT Infrastructure - Component Details
Operational IT Segment Analysis
Segment Overview
Operational IT - Component Details

Commercial IT Segment Analysis
Segment Overview
Commercial IT - Component Details
Other Areas of Focus for Airline Commercial IT Systems

Core Airline IT Segment Analysis
Segment Overview
Core Airline IT - Component Details
Passenger Service System Segment Analysis
Segment Overview
Passenger Service System - Component Details
Distribution Models
Corporate IT Segment Analysis
Segment Overview
Corporate IT - Component Details
COVID-19 Impact - Digital Opportunities
High-priority Digital Areas
Operational Efficiency
Company Profiles - Software Solution Providers
Competitor Profile - Amadeus
Key Airline Contracts - Amadeus
Competitor Profile - SITA
Key Airline Contracts - SITA
Competitor Profile - Sabre
Key Airline Contracts - Sabre
Competitor Profile - Travelport
Key Airline Contracts - Travelport
Competitor Profile - Travelsky
Key Airline Contracts - Travelsky
Competitor Profile - IBS Software Services
Key Airline Contracts - IBS Software Services
Competitor Profile - Lufthansa Systems
Key Airline Contracts - Lufthansa Systems
Competitor Profile - Swiss Aviation Software Ltd.
Key Airline Contracts - Swiss Aviation Software
Competitor Profile - Navblue
Key Airline Contracts - Navblue
Competitor Profile - Jeppesen
Key Airline Contracts - Jeppesen
Competitor Profile - Unisys
Competitor Profile - Datalex
Competitor Profile - PROS
Company Profiles - Start-ups
Start-ups - Operational IT

Start-ups - Commercial IT

Start-ups - Core Airline IT

Start-ups - Corporate IT
Start-ups - Infrastructure IT/Passenger Service Systems
The Last Word
The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
Market Engineering Methodology
Global Adoption Rate of Key IT Projects
Cloud Adoption by Global Airlines
List of Companies in “Others”
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Major Airline Projects

Partial List of Companies Interviewed
Additional Sources of Information on the Global Airline IT Market
List of Exhibits