Executive Summary
Executive Summary - Recent Developments
Executive Summary - Freight Market Trends
Executive Summary - Regional Trends
Executive Summary - Supply Chain Disruptions

Executive Summary - Business Mitigation Strategies
Executive Summary - Growth Opportunities
Research Scope
Research Scope and Methodology
Logistics Industry Segments
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Changing Business Scenario
COVID-19 Outbreak - A Snapshot
COVID-19: Significant Impact Beyond China
Government Response to COVID-19: Americas and Europe
Government Response to COVID-19: Middle East
Government Response to COVID-19: Asia-Pacific
Forces Shaping the Business Ecosystem
China has Emerged as a Major Source of Imports
China is Well-Integrated with the Global Value Chain
Economic Stimulus Measures
COVID-19 Impact on World GDP Growth
COVID-19 Impact on Key Regions and Countries
Trade and Freight Segment Trends
Impact of Various Global Crisis on Global Trade
Supply Chain Disruptions and Trade Dependencies
Economic Cycles and Seaborne Freight Volume
Ocean Freight Capacity Constraints

COVID-19 Outbreak - Disruptions in Air Freight
Air Freight Growth Trends
Air Freight Capacity Under Severe Strain
Europe-China Rail and Freight Demand
Supply Chain Disruptions
COVID-19 Impact and Measures: North America
COVID-19 Impact and Measures: Europe
COVID-19 Impact and Measures: Asia-Pacific
COVID-19 Impact and Measures: Middle East
COVID-19 Impact on Industries
Disruptions in the Automotive Value Chain
Disruptions in the Healthcare Value Chain
Disruptions in the Manufacturing Value Chain
Disruptions in the Retail Value Chain
Disruptions in the Chemicals Value Chain
Disruptions in the Food Processing Value Chain
Disruptions in the Electronics Value Chain
Disruptions in the Energy Value Chain
Disruptions in the ICT Value Chain
Supply Chain Disruptions and Digitalization
Key Challenges
Supply Chain Disruptions and Trade Dependencies
Global Economy and Logistics Industry
Business Mitigation Strategies
A Framework for Risk Mitigation
COVID-19 Responses in the Transport and Logistics Industry - Respond, Recover, and Thrive
Risk Mitigation Strategies for Logistics Service Providers
Transformations to Embrace
Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 1: Sharing Economy for Collaborative Operation

Growth Opportunity 2: Agile and Flexible Logistics Solutions

Growth Opportunity 3: Exercising Alternate Delivery Models

Growth Opportunity 4: Digital Tools for Customer Engagement

Growth Opportunity 5: Fleet Conversion for Capacity Challenges

Companies to Action
Companies to Action
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About the Growth Pipeline Engine™
Next Steps
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