IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Market Forecast

Market Context

Drivers and Inhibitors


Digital Transformation Initiatives

Increasing Adoption of Next-Generation Appliances


Low Forecast Growth of External Enterprise Storage Systems

Growth of Cloud-Native Storage Applications

Changing Investment Priorities

Significant Market Developments

Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition

Data Replication and Protection Software

Data Protection Software

Backup and Recovery Reporting Software

Storage Replication Software

Host- or Hypervisor-Based Replication Software

Systems and Data Migration Software

Fabric and Appliance-Based Replication Software

Array-Based Replication Software

Replication Management Software

Archiving Software

Email Archiving Software

File and Other Archiving Software

Storage and Device Management Software

SRM and Heterogeneous SAN Management Software

SRM and Homogeneous SAN Management Software

Storage Device Management Software

Other Storage Management Software

Storage Infrastructure Software

Virtualization and Federation Software

Host-Based File Systems and Volume Management Software

Storage Access and Path Management Software

Automated Storage Tiering and Storage Gateway Software

Storage Acceleration Software

Software-Defined Storage Controller Software

Block-Based Software-Defined Storage Controller Software

File-Based Software-Defined Storage Controller Software

Object-Based Software-Defined Storage Controller Software

Hyperconverged Software-Defined Storage Controller Software


Historical and Forecast Market Values and Exchange Rates

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