Executive Summary 
1.1 Scope of Research 
1.2 Research Methodology 

1.3 Sensor-based Medical Devices Capable Improving Diagnosis Accuracy of Physicians Offer Huge Opportunity 
Market Overview 
2.1 The Innovative Idea Becomes Reality by Collaborative Efforts of Fuelers, Innovation Catalysts, Regulators, and Physicians 
2.2 Development of Device Based on New Idea and its Validation are the Key Tasks Performed in Phase III Clinical Trial 
2.3 Trial Design and Organization are the Key Differences in Clinical Trials for Drugs and Medical Devices 
2.4 Remote Monitoring and Data Collection is the Key Driver for Phase III Diagnostic Medical Device Clinical Trials 
2.5 MedTech Companies can Utilize AI for Remote Monitoring of Trial Participants that will Save Costs and Time for Them 
2.6 The requirement for Trained Technicians is the Potential Challenge in Phase III Clinical Trials as it Increases the Overall Costs 
2.7 Medical Device Innovation can Significantly Reduce Healthcare Costs by Enabling Timely Disease Diagnosis 
Innovation Tracker - Cardiology 
3.1 More than Half of the American Population have at least One Risk Factor for Heart Disease 
3.2 Medical Developments are Focusing on Lab-on-a-chip and Implantable Technologies for Diagnosis of Heart Complications 
3.3 Analysis of Collected Data Through Artificial Intelligence is the New Trend Observed in Medical Device Development 
3.4 MedTech Companies are Focusing on Miniaturization of the Device for Home-based Monitoring of Patients 
Innovation Tracker - Neurology 
4.1 More than 50 Million People are Affected with Epilepsy Worldwide 
4.2 MedTech Companies are Focusing to Support Physicians by Offering Intelligent Algorithms for Accurate Diagnosis 
4.3 Portable, Easy-to-use, and Home Monitoring Medical Devices are the Upcoming Trends for Diagnostic Medical Devices in Neurology 
Innovation Tracker - Oncology 
5.1 The US is Expected to Incur $174 Billion as Cancer Care Expenses till the End of 2020 
5.2 MedTech Companies are Exploring Biomarker-based Diagnosis for Cancer Diseases 
5.3 Medical Devices Under Development are Diagnosing Cancer Diseases based on Human Samples such as Blood 
Companies to Action 
6.1 Companies to Action - Cardiology 
6.2 Companies to Action - Neurology 
6.3 Companies to Action - Oncology 
Growth Opportunities & Market Expansion Strategies 
7.1 Advanced Medical Device Innovations, 2020 
7.1 Advanced Medical Device Innovations, 2020 
7.2 MedTech Companies can Offer Investment Supports to Technology Innovators Through Merger & Acquisition Strategy 
Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Trials for Medical Devices 
8.1 MedTech Companies may have to Reconsider its Clinical Trial Strategy and Protocol due to COVID-19 Pandemic 
Strategic Imperatives 
9.1 The Strategic Imperative 8™ 
9.2 The Strategic Imperative 8™ 
9.3 The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on the Advanced Medical Device Industry 
10 Key Contacts 
Key Contacts 

10 Next steps 
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