Strategic Imperatives
Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
The Strategic Imperative 8™
The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on Global Container Shipping Industry
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™
Executive Summary
Global Container Shipping Industry - An Overview
Container Ship Fleet - Capacity and Fleet Size
COVID-19-Impact and Measures in Ocean Freight
Key Trends and Developments - Global Container Shipping
Digital Technologies Transforming Global Shipping Industry
Growth Opportunity Analysis, Global Container Shipping Industry
Global Container Shipping Industry - Scope of Analysis
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Global Container Shipping Industry - An Overview
Gross Domestic Product Versus Seaborne Trade
Global Container Seaborne Trade Volumes
Global Container Ship Market Overview
Fleet Capacity Breakdown by TEU Size and Age
Container Vessel Capacity Scenario
Key Trade Lanes and Port Throughputs
Global Container Port Throughput
Major Container Trade Lanes
Blue Economic Passage
Key Ports Along the Blue Economic Passage
Blue Economic Passage - Economic Corridors
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Seaborne Container Trade
Impact of Various Global Crises on Global Trade
COVID-19 Impact On Seaborne Freight Value
Ocean Freight Capacity Constraints
COVID-19-Impact and Measures in Ocean Freight
Trends and Developments Shaping Global Container Shipping Industry
Key Trends and Developments
Industry Consolidation - Global Shipping Alliances
Capacity Deployment by Key Shipping Alliances
Blank Sailings and Capacity Cuts as Measures
Equipment Imbalance Across Key Container Ports
Sailings Around Cape of Good Hope
Ultra-large Container Vessels (ULCV)
IMO - Emission Control Areas
Compliance Options and Fuel Adoption Outlook
Intelligent Shipping and Digitization
Digital Technologies Disrupting Global Container Shipping Industry
Disruptive Digital Technologies
Maritime Industry Concerns and Drivers For Digitization
Blockchain Technology for Digital Provenance
Major Blockchain Technology Developments
Digital Freight Forwarding Platform
Digital Ocean Freight Forwarding for Simplified Shipping
Key Digital Platforms for Global Container Shipping Industry
Internet of Things - Smart Operations With Smart Assets
Key IoT Solution Providers for the Container Shipping Industry
Robotic Systems for Port Automation and Operations
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Container Shipping Industry
Liners Keen on Improvising Systems to Nurture Innovation
Autonomous Ocean Freight Ecosystem
Growth Opportunity Universe, Global Container Shipping Industry
Growth Opportunity 1: Development of Digitized Business Models for Revenue Opportunities

Growth Opportunity 2: Strategic Collaboration for Smart and Connected Freight Transportation

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