Executive Summary
Waymo's Progression
Autonomous Vehicle Development and Partnerships
Business Models
Key Conclusions
Strategic Imperatives
The Strategic Imperative 8™: Factors Creating Pressure on Growth in the Autonomous Driving Market
The Strategic Imperative 8™
Impact of Strategic Imperative 8™ on the Autonomous Driving Market
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline EngineTM
Scope of Analysis and Competition
Waymo's Strategy Within Autonomous Driving Industry
Key Competitors for Waymo
Autonomous Technology
Company Progress
Sensor Suite Strategy
Hardware Development Strategy
Waymo's Autonomous Trucks
Software Capability
HD Mapping Process
HD Mapping Capability
Testing and Validation Methods
Software Simulation
Public Road Testing
Waymo Open Dataset
Business Models
Business Models: Ecosystem
Business Models: Waymo
Business Model: Shared Mobility
Business Model: Hardware and Software Licensing
Business Model: Logistics Services
Business Model: Data as a Service
Partnership Strategies: Ecosystem
Partnership: Fiat Chrysler Automotive
Partnership: Volvo Cars
Partnership: Jaguar Land Rover
Partnership: Magna
Other Important Partnerships
Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 1: Early Commercialization of Waymo ONE and VIA will Give Waymo the Necessary Traction for Success

Next Steps
Your Next Steps
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List of Exhibits
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