Strategic Imperatives
The Strategic Imperative 8™
The Strategic Imperative 8™
The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on Growth of Solid-state Batteries
About the Growth Pipeline EngineTM
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™
Executive Summary
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 Analysis Framework - Frost & Sullivan's Core Value
1.3 Research Methodology
Solid-state Batteries - An Overview
2.1 Emergence of Solid-state Batteries
2.2 Demand from EV for Solid-state Batteries to Reach 1500GWh by 2040
2.3 Key Value Proposition Offered by Solid-state Batteries For Electric Vehicles

2.4 Types of Solid Electrolytes
2.5 Energy Density and Voltage Comparison of Solid-state Batteries
Key R&D Focus Areas in Solid-state Batteries
3.1 Key Challenges to Overcome for Successful Scaling-up of Solid-state Batteries
3.2 Room Temperature Ionic Conductivity and Mitigating of Interface Stress are Vital for Mass Production
3.3 Composite and Hybrid Solid Electrolytes are Being Investigated to Overcome Dendrite Formation
Companies to Action
4.1 QuantumScape Corporation
4.2 QuantumScape
4.3 Ionic Materials Inc.
4.4 Ionic Materials Inc.
4.5 Solid Power
4.6 Solid Power
4.7 Ilika
4.8 Ilika
Notable Developments by Automotive OEMs
5.1 Automotive OEMs Collaborate with Startups and Research Centers to Pave Way for Solid-state Batteries Powered EVs

Solid-state Batteries - Patent Landscape
6.1 Chinese and Japanese Jurisdictions Lead the Patenting Activity
6.2 Toyota is the Pioneer of Solid-state Battery Research and Development with a Lion's Share of Patent Ownership
Growth opportunities
7.1 Growth Opportunity 1: Disruptive Technologies
7.2 Growth Opportunity 1: Disruptive Solid-state Batteries Enabling Long-Range and Safer Electric Vehicles
7.3 Growth Opportunity 2: Strategic Partnerships
7.4 Growth opportunity 2: Partnerships Between Automotive OEMs and Startups to Drive Commercialization of Solid-state Batteries
7.5 Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth of Solid State Batteries
Key Contacts
8.1 Key Industrial Contacts
Next Steps
9.1 Your Next Steps
9.2 Why Frost, Why Now?
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