1 Market Outline
1.1 Definition
1.2 Market Segmentation & Scope
1.3 Market Trends
1.4 Regulatory Factors
1.5 Application Analysis
1.6 End User Analysis
1.7 Strategic Benchmarking
1.8 Opportunity Analysis

2 Executive Summary

3 Research Methodology and Data Source
3.1 Methodology/Research Approach
3.1.1 Research Programs/Design
3.1.2 Market Size Estimation
3.2 Data Source and Assumptions
3.2.1 Purchased Database
3.2.2 Company Repository
3.2.3 Secondary Sources
3.2.4 Primary Research
3.2.5 List of Assumptions

4 Market Overview
4.1 Current Trends
4.1.1 Technological Advancements and New Products Launches
4.1.2 Increasing Focus on Drug Discovery Activities
4.1.3 Growing Initiatives to Increase Awareness About Organs-on-Chips Technologies
4.1.4 Growth Opportunities/Investment Opportunities
4.2 Drivers
4.3 Constraints
4.4 Impact of COVID-19

5 Market Factor Analysis
5.1 Porters Five Forces
5.1.1 Bargaining power of suppliers
5.1.2 Bargaining power of buyers
5.1.3 Threat of substitutes
5.1.4 Threat of new entrants
5.1.5 Competitive rivalry
5.2 Value Chain Analysis/Supply Chain Analysis

6 Consumer behaviour analysis/Consumer Research
6.1 Consumer trends and preferences
6.2 Factors affecting buying decision
6.3 Consumer product adoption
6.4 Observation & Recommendations

7 Organ-On-Chip Market, By Type
7.1 Kidney-On-Chip
DATA TABLE Kidney-On-Chip Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
7.2 Lung-On-Chip
DATA TABLE Lung-On-Chip Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
7.3 Liver-On-Chip
DATA TABLE Liver-On-Chip Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
7.4 Heart-On-Chip
DATA TABLE Heart-On-Chip Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
7.5 Blood-Brain-Barrier-On-Chip
DATA TABLE Blood-Brain-Barrier-On-Chip Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
7.6 Intestine-On-Chip
DATA TABLE Intestine-On-Chip Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
7.7 Gut-On-Chip
DATA TABLE Gut-On-Chip Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
7.8 Skin-On-Chip
DATA TABLE Skin-On-Chip Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
7.9 Multi-Organs On Chip
DATA TABLE Multi-Organs On Chip Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
7.10 Tumor Models
DATA TABLE Tumor Models Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)

8 Organ-On-Chip Market, By Offering
8.1 Services (Testing Services)
DATA TABLE Services (Testing Services) Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
8.2 Products (Devices)
DATA TABLE Products (Devices) Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)

9 Organ-On-Chip Market, By Material
9.1 Silicon
DATA TABLE Silicon Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
9.2 Polymer
DATA TABLE Polymer Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
9.3 Glass
DATA TABLE Glass Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
9.4 Plant Design Management System (PDMS)
DATA TABLE Plant Design Management System (PDMS) Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)

10 Organ-On-Chip Market, By Application
10.1 Toxicology Research
DATA TABLE Toxicology Research Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
10.2 Physiological Model Development
DATA TABLE Physiological Model Development Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
10.3 Drug Discovery
DATA TABLE Drug Discovery Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
10.4 Molecular Biology
DATA TABLE Molecular Biology Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
10.5 Food Safety
DATA TABLE Food Safety Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)

11 Organ-On-Chip Market, By End User
11.1 Academic & Research Institutes
DATA TABLE Academic & Research Institutes Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
11.2 Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies
DATA TABLE Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
11.3 Personal Care & Cosmetics Industry
DATA TABLE Personal Care & Cosmetics Industry Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
11.4 Food & Beverages
DATA TABLE Food & Beverages Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)
11.5 Healthcare
DATA TABLE Healthcare Market Forecast to 2028 (US$ MN)

12 Organ-On-Chip Market, By Geography
12.1 North America
DATA TABLE North America Market Forecast by Countries to 2028 (US$ MN)
12.1.1 US
12.1.2 Canada
12.1.3 Mexico
12.2 Europe
DATA TABLE Europe Market Forecast by Countries to 2028 (US$ MN)
12.2.1 Germany
12.2.2 U.K
12.2.3 Italy
12.2.4 France
12.2.5 Spain
12.2.6 Rest of Europe
12.3 Asia Pacific
DATA TABLE Asia Pacific Market Forecast by Countries to 2028 (US$ MN)
12.3.1 China
12.3.2 Japan
12.3.3 India
12.3.4 Australia
12.3.5 New Zealand
12.3.6 Rest of Asia Pacific
12.4 Middle East
DATA TABLE Middle East Market Forecast by Countries to 2028 (US$ MN)
12.4.1 Saudi Arabia
12.4.2 UAE
12.4.3 Rest of Middle East
12.5 Latin America
DATA TABLE Latin America Market Forecast by Countries to 2028 (US$ MN)
12.5.1 Argentina
12.5.2 Brazil
12.5.3 Rest of Latin America
12.6 Rest of the World (RoW)
DATA TABLE Rest of the World (RoW) Market Forecast by Countries to 2028 (US$ MN)
12.6.1 South Africa
12.6.2 Others

13 Key Player Activities
13.1 Acquisitions & Mergers
13.2 Agreements, Partnerships, Collaborations and Joint Ventures
13.3 Product Launch & Expansions
13.4 Other Activities

14 Leading Companies
14.1 Cherry Biotech SAS
14.2 CN Bio Innovations
14.3 Draper Laboratory
14.4 Else Kooi Laboratory
14.5 Emulate
14.6 Hesperos
14.7 Kirkstall
14.8 Micronit Microtechnologies B.V.
14.9 Mimetas
14.10 Nortis
14.11 Tara Biosystems
14.12 TissUse
14.13 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
14.14 Organovo Holdings, Inc.
14.15 BiomimX SRL
14.16 SynVivo, Inc.
14.17 MIMETAS B.V.
14.18 InSphero AG
14.19 AxoSim, Inc
14.20 uFluidix Inc

List of Tables
Table 1 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Region, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 2 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Type, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 3 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Kidney-On-Chip, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 4 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Lung-On-Chip, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 5 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Liver-On-Chip, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 6 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Heart-On-Chip, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 7 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Blood-Brain-Barrier-On-Chip, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 8 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Intestine-On-Chip, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 9 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Gut-On-Chip, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 10 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Skin-On-Chip, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 11 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Multi-Organs On Chip, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 12 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Tumor Models, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 13 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Offering, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 14 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Services (Testing Services), Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 15 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Products (Devices), Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 16 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Material, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 17 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Silicon, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 18 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Polymer, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 19 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Glass, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 20 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Plant Design Management System (PDMS), Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 21 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Application, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 22 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Toxicology Research, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 23 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Physiological Model Development, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 24 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Drug Discovery, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 25 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Molecular Biology, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 26 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Food Safety, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 27 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By End User, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 28 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Academic & Research Institutes, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 29 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 30 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Personal Care & Cosmetics Industry, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 31 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Food & Beverages, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)
Table 32 Global Organ-On-Chip Market By Healthcare, Market Forecast (2018-2028) (US $MN)

NOTE: Tables for North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America and Rest of the World are represented in the same manner above.