Research Objectives and Methodology
Research Objectives
Benefits of this Research
Research Methodology
Sample Distribution - Country
Respondent and Organization Profile
Respondent Profile - Decision-Making Authority
Organization Profile - Industry Segments
Summary of Key Findings
Summary of Key Findings

Digital Transformation Strategies
Key Business Goals
Priority Departments for Digital Transformation Investment
Digital Transformation Success measurement
Departments Driving the Adoption of Digital Solutions
Factors Preventing Investments in Transformative Technologies
Digital Transformation During the Covid-19 Pandemic
The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Organizations
Organization Focus Post Covid-19
The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Technology Investments
Key Digital Transformation Objectives Accelerated by COVID-19
Transformative Digital Solutions' Impact on CX
Priorities for Transformative Technology Investments
Top Reasons for AI Investments
Importance of AI in Terms of Enhancing Enterprise Communication and Contact Center Capabilities
Anticipated Benefits of Using AI to Enhance Business Communication and Contact Center Capabilities
Transforming Contact Centers for the Post-pandemic World
CX Priorities for Businesses
Top CX Challenges for Businesses
Adoption of Interaction Channels Across Organizations
Customer Interaction trends
Customer Interaction Trends During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Transforming Contact Center operations During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Top IT Challenges in Supporting Remote Work
Channel Priority During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Customer Satisfaction Across Channels
Contact Center Technology Trends
Contact Center Technology Adoption Trends
State of OmnichanneL CX
Benefits of Integrating UC&C And CC Solutions
Integration of UC&C and CC Solutions
Benefits of Using CPaaS
Adoption of Cloud/Hosted CC solutions
Use of Hosted/Cloud Contact Center Solutions
Obstacles Preventing Contact Centers from Achieving their Goals
Technology Prioritization Post Covid-19
Future Deployment in the Cloud
Key Factors for Cloud Communication Provider Selection
Growth Opportunities forCX Solution Providers
Growth Opportunities
List of Exhibits

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