The drivers shaping consumer behaviour
Megatrends Framework
Businesses harness megatrends to renovate, innovate and disrupt
Digital living
StyleFit offers immersive furniture shopping experience
Almost a fifth of Australians own a virtual assistant device
Millennials enjoy virtual fitness classes amid the pandemic
More than half of Australians actively manage their privacy settings
Baby boomers are the most wary of targeted ads
Friends and family remain the most trusted source of information
Return to face-to-face activities expected post-pandemic
Experience more
Treasury Wine Estates targets young consumers with AR experience
Most Australians prefer real world experiences
Millennials are the most likely to seek tailored experiences
Despite the pandemic Australians prefer socialising in person
Safety is paramount when it comes to travel
Generation X are the most keen to resume face-to-face activities
Middle class reset
PayPal takes on Afterpay with new ‘Pay in 4' BNPL offering
Middle-class consumers continue to seek ways to cut costs
Baby boomers are the biggest bargain hunters
Australians are keen to support the circular economy
Generation Z prove to be the most squeezed cohort
A Glass Of enables consumers to try out craft wines by the portion
Australians are looking for a simpler life
Millennials are the most individualistic cohort
Generation X most likely to seek uniquely tailored items
Fair trade food is important to over a fifth of consumers
Shifting market frontiers
Nestlé launches health drink with native Australian flavours
International products increasingly available despite pandemic
More than a fifth of Generation Z expect to work abroad in future
Baby boomers are the most focused on supporting local business
Shopping reinvented
Coles Online offers digital wallet with ability to pay with Flybuys points
Australians still prefer shopping in-store despite e-commerce boom
Social media engagement by Australian shoppers is relatively low
Generation Z are the most likely to interact with brands online
Sustainable living
Vow Food takes a step further to commercialising lab-grown meats
Most Australians are motivated to take action against climate change
Recycling is the top environmental priority for consumers
Most people lack political motivation
Recyclable packaging is seen as the most sustainable
Vitable offers consumers a tailored vitamins regime
Two thirds of Australians exercise regularly
Generation Z are the most physically active cohort
Australians focus on meditation for reducing stress
Millennials are the most frequent users of tech-related health
Health and safety precautions remain a priority amid the pandemic
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