Consumer Values and Behaviour in Denmark
Consumers like to try new products and are more willing to spend
Generation X focus on products that are uniquely tailored to them
Generation Z have lower confidence in the value of long-term investments
Outlook on improved finances slightly lower than the global average
Most Danes do not see themselves working more in the next five years
Only baby boomers not as confident in being happier in future
More engagement in community in future compares to global average
Greater impact on life by climate change compares to global average
Generation X most positive about more community engagement
High levels of home exercise reported by all generations
Energy-efficient homes are important to Danish consumers
Availability of outside space to enjoy is key to over a third of consumers
Half of consumers reheat or prepare a ready meal every week
Danes have low barriers/reasons to not cook for themselves
Younger cohorts would rather do something other than cook
Healthy ingredients sought after; but fewer flexitarians
Millennials make more effort to read nutrition labels on foods
Danes have low expectations of working for themselves
Good work-life balance more important than being able to work at home
Job security is prioritised more by men than women in Denmark
Generation Z have highest expectations of having a secure job
Danes do not feel under as much pressure but still want to simplify life
Baby boomers feel under much less pressure than other cohorts
Socialising online has surged during the pandemic
Baby boomers do not socialise online as much as other cohorts
Danes are very active socially and like going to cultural/sporting events
Millennials and Generation X enjoy leisure shopping more than other cohorts do
Walking or hiking favourite regular exercise routine for over 65%
Group fitness classes more popular with Generation X
Men have lower take-up of stress-related/mental wellbeing activities
Massage is the most popular stress-buster for all generations
Consumers have most trust in recyclable labels
Generation X are more concerned about climate change than other cohorts are
Reducing food waste is top of the list of eco-friendly behaviours
Baby boomers are more focused on green and sustainable actions
Half of Danish consumers use sustainable packaging
Baby boomers most active in repairing rather than replacing items
Finding bargains is top of mind for Danish shoppers
Baby boomers are highly focused on finding bargains
Danish consumers are willing to invest in the circular economy
Generation X most likely to seek out strong or well-known brands
Pent-up demand drives intentions to spend more on travel in future
Baby boomers have clear intentions to keep their spending in check
Danes are concerned about privacy and nearly half feel invaded by ads
Generation X most concerned about managing their data privacy
Danes have low interest in sharing purchases, products or posts online
Younger generations more engaged with companies' social media posts
Banking services are the most frequently used apps on a mobile device
Millennials more likely to use an app to track their fitness and health