Strategic Imperative
Why is Growth Becoming Increasingly Difficult to Achieve?
The Strategic Imperative 8™
Our Mega Trend Universe - Overview
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™
Executive Dashboard
Our Mega Trend Universe - A Cashless Society
Key Findings
Growth Opportunities Critical to Future Success
Strategic Context
Cashless Society - The Pretext
Evolution of Cashless Services
Cashless Society - User Segmentation
Key Characteristics of a Cashless Society
Principles Driving a Digitalized Economic Infrastructure
Key Strategic Directives for Transitioning to a Cashless Society
Success Factors Critical to a Cashless Society
Key Trend Opportunity Levers
Perceived Challenges in the Move to a Cashless Society
Digital Payments Will Witness A Surge in Use - Key Indicators
Trend Opportunity - Attractiveness Analysis
The Future of the Cashless Society - A Regional Perspective
A Cashless Society - Regional Indicators
How Major Countries are Gradually Becoming Cashless
Challenges in Embracing Digital Payments - A Country Perspective
The Future of a Cashless Society - A Technology Perspective
Disruptive Technologies Shaping a Cashless Society
Voice Technology
Future of a Cashless Society - An Industry Perspective
Digital Payment Trends in Key Industries
Retail - Enhancing the Cashless Shopping Experience
Hospitality - Highly Dependent on the Digital Ecosystem
Automotive - The Emerging Phenomena
Fintech - A Strategic Enabler of a Cashless Society
Trend Impact Analysis
Trend Opportunity Impact and Certainty Analysis

Trend Opportunity Matrix - Trend Innovation Index
Innovation Attractiveness Score
Trend Opportunity Matrix - Trend Growth Index
Growth Attractiveness Score
BEETS Implications
Growth Opportunity Universe
Growth Opportunity 1-Micropayment Platforms to Minimize the Dependency on Cash for Small Transactions

Growth Opportunity 2-Significant Investments for the Continued Growth of Blockchain

Growth Opportunity 3-MPoS Devices To Help SMBs Transition to a Cashless Business Ecosystem

Critical Success Factors for Growth
Conclusion - The Way Forward
Our Mega Trend Universe

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