IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Market Forecast

Market Context

Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War

Employment Forecast

ICT Job Roles: A Definition of the Term

Applications-Related Job Roles

Skills Gap for Applications-Related Roles

IT Infrastructure-Related Job Roles

Skills Gap for IT Infrastructure-Related Roles

Cybersecurity-Related Job Roles

Skills Gap for Cybersecurity-Related Roles

Data Management/Analytics-Related Job Roles

Skills Gap for Data Management/Analytics-Related Roles

Technical Support-Related Job Roles

Skills Gap for Technical Support-Related Roles

IT Leadership-Related Job Roles

Skills Gap for IT Leadership-Related Roles

Other IT/Technology-Related Job Roles

Drivers and Inhibitors


Technology as Part of the Business Strategy

Technology Providers


The Russia-Ukraine War and Its Impact on Investment Levels

Significant Market Developments

Impact of the IT Skills Gap

Democratization of IT Technology Skills

Reskilling Programs

Current and Future Importance of IT Roles

Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition


Methodology Comments

Related Research