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Best Practices: Enabling Tomorrow%s Tertiary Institutions -- Digital Transformations Through Personalized Curricula, Collaborative Ecosystems, and Smart Campus Initiatives

17 pages • By IDC

3rd Platform technologies are bringing about higher education digitization and operations transformation. Together, these new blended environments offer seamless learning experiences and enhanced operational productivity to tertiary education users. "IDC Government Insights forecasts the overall IT investments in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan)...

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Oct 2015

Higher Education Market by Hardware, by Solution, by Service, & Region - Global Forecast to 2020

154 pages • By MarketsandMarkets

These solutions are focused on improving the overall learning experience for the end users that require constant and situated learning support. Higher education consists of solution such as content and collaboration, campus technology, data security and compliance, student and curriculum and performance management pertaining to the organization....

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Sep 2015

Education Technology and Smart Classrooms Market by Hardware, Systems, Technologies - Global Forecast to 2020

161 pages • By MarketsandMarkets

Smart Classrooms/Ed tech is constantly growing with the latest advancements in technology and incredible innovations. This is rapidly changing the traditional way of learning and instructing. Nowadays, with the increase in the usage of tablets, laptops, e-readers, and smartphones, students are exposed to various educational technologies at...

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Aug 2015

Global Higher Education M-Learning Market 2015-2019

69 pages • By Infiniti Research Limited

About M-Learning Products and Services M-learning provides education-related content on smartphones and tablets. Education-related content refers to all the digital learning content available on personal devices. M-learning service providers deliver learning solutions through latest tools and technology, which impart users with rich media...

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Jun 2015

College Course Materials Market Forecast 2015

66 pages • By Simba Information

College Course Materials Market Forecast 2015 is the most recent in Simba Information’s long line of analytic reports on the business of providing instructional materials to college students in the U.S. This newest edition continues the tradition of proving actionable data on: Changes in the higher education landscape; How...

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May 2015

Smart Classroom Market in India 2015-2019

82 pages • By Infiniti Research Limited

About Smart Classroom in IndiaThe adoption of smart classrooms in India is driven by the need to improve the standard of education in the country and enable it to be on par with the global standards. Smart classrooms require investment for the purchase of hardware and software products. End-users include schools, colleges, universities,...

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Mar 2015

Research report for setting up State-of-Art Finance education hub in NCR

216 pages • By VBI Solution

Education sector in India can be clearly segmented into different phases of growth and development. 1990 can be taken as the take-off point with advent of teaching in computers, and within no time, IT took education scenario to a new platform. Economic liberalization soon after that opened the floodgates for new professional avenues, and last...

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Mar 2015

Scoping Selected Australian Universities for Partnerships with Indian Institutions

130 pages • By VBI Solution

1. Australian Education Scenario - A recent federal government review identified four underlying priorities for higher education in Australia - International education is worth more than $14 billion dollars to the Australian economy - A number of factors indicate that the growth of Australian education exports may slow into the...

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Mar 2015

For-Profit Universities in the US - Industry Market Research Report

40 pages • By Ibisworld

For-Profit Universities in the USUnlike most industries, the For-Profit Universities industry enjoyed explosive growth during the start of the recovery period. High unemployment encouraged individuals to return to school, while traditional four-year colleges became more selective because of a rising number of high school...

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Feb 2015

Universities in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

34 pages • By Ibisworld

Universities in the UKOperators in the industry provide full and part-time teaching and training that leads to both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications.This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included...

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Feb 2015

Higher Education in GCC to 2019 - Market Size and Intelligence Report

100 pages • By Indalytics Advisors

The report 'Higher Education in GCC to 2019 - Market Size and Intelligence Report' is a comprehensive market research report on the tertiary or higher education sector in the GCC countries. GCC, or Gulf Cooperation Council, is a political and economic union of six Arab countries, namely — Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United...

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Feb 2015

Colleges & Universities in the US - Industry Market Research Report

38 pages • By Ibisworld

Colleges & Universities in the USThe Colleges and Universities industry is expected to exhibit steady growth. High unemployment and dire economic conditions caused more individuals to pursue higher education to boost their competitiveness in the job market; the steady growth of high school retention rates also increased...

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Feb 2015

World Higher Education Services Industry

342 pages • By Global Industry Analysts

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Higher Education Services in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2014 through 2020. Also, a seven-year historic analysis is...

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Feb 2015

Market Analysis of Higher Education in Singapore

47 pages • By VBI Solution

1. Overview of the Singapore education industry - Overview of the Singapore education system - Singapore education industry trends2. Tertiary education in Singapore - Pre-university education pathways - Tertiary education pathways - Local demand for tertiary education - Local supply of tertiary education...

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Dec 2014

University and Other Higher Education in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

38 pages • By Ibisworld

Top of the class: Proposed changes to the higher education system will boost revenue growth University and Other Higher Education in AustraliaThe industry comprises accredited providers of university undergraduate or postgraduate teaching and research. The industry also includes colleges of education, which...

772 965 618
Oct 2014

UAE Education Market Outlook 2018

95 pages • By RNCOS

Education sector in UAE has been witnessing rapid growth over the past few years. UAE is witnessing huge developments in the education sector due to increasing interest of the government and private players in the education industry. The role of private sector is increasing in the country due to the rising demand by expatriates for quality...

800 1 000 640
Sep 2014

Higher Education in India to 2019 — Market Entry Strategy and Opportunities for Private Players

104 pages • By Indalytics Advisors

The report ‘Higher Education in India to 2019 — Market Entry Strategy and Opportunities for Private Players’ discusses the higher education sector in India, with reference to entry and feasibility for private players. The report mentions the current and forecasted market size of higher education sector in India, along with the drivers...

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Aug 2014

Tertiary Education in South Africa 2014

135 pages • By Gatestreet Ltd

The need for an effective higher and further education and training sector is essential if South Africa is to achieve its 2030 vision outlined in the National Development Plan (NDP). However, despite spending about 20% of its government budget or 6.4% of gross domestic product (GDP) on education, Prof MS Makhanya, Principal and Vice Chancellor...

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Jul 2014

Perspective: SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 Event Analysis for Government and Higher Education -- Transformation Is the Vision

10 pages • By IDC

This IDC Government Insights Perspective analyzes the recent SAP Industry Analyst Base Camp and SAPPHIRE NOW event that took place in Orlando, Florida, June 3-5, 2014. This document focuses on SAP's announcements as related to the SAP public services vertical, which includes government and higher education.

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Jun 2014

Higher Education in Australia to 2019 — Market Size and Intelligence Report

64 pages • By Indalytics Advisors

Australia has one of the highest literacy rates (95%) among the developing countries — with an enrollment ratio of approximately 106% for primary education, and approximately 87% for higher education. The country has one of the best higher education institutions in the world, which cater to approximately 5% of Australia’s population, as well...

960 1 200 768
Jun 2014

Learning in Transition: College Course Materials Market Forecast 2014

89 pages • By Simba Information

Simba Information’s Learning in Transition: College Course Materials Market Forecast 2014 is the most up-to-date business information and market trends resource providing a complete view of the higher education market in the U.S. in a single-source format. This report is a result of Simba Information’s ongoing research in the area ofinstructional...

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May 2014

Colleges & Universities in China

38 pages • By Ibisworld

Colleges & Universities in ChinaColleges and universities in China offer academic courses and grant degrees at the baccalaureate and graduate levels. The industry includes two segments: traditional higher education and adult education. Enterprises in this industry include universities, colleges, military academies,...

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Mar 2014

Higher Education Market [Software Solutions, Content & Collaboration, Data Security & Compliance, Campus Technology, Student & Curriculum, Performance Management] - Worldwide Market Forecasts and Analysis (2014-2019)

180 pages • By MarketsandMarkets

From the past few years, the market for higher education has developed and has adopted the latest technology with the increasing demand among colleges and universities. This market involves the recent implementation of innovative hardware, systems and software to create an innovative environment. Higher education market in this report is defined...

3 720 4 650 2 976
Mar 2014

Further & Higher Education Market Update 2014

By Key Note Publications Ltd

Executive SummaryThis Key Note Market Update covers the UK further education (FE) and higher education (HE) sectors. This includes all types of colleges and universities, including adult education institutions, specialist colleges and business schools.

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Jan 2014