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Sanventura AG is the holding company of assist GmbH, a Germany-based supplier of medical devices for tube feeding, infusion therapy, ostomy, incontinence and wound care to patients at home.

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As part of the transaction, Nestle will acquire Ajinomoto's tube feeding brands including MEDIF (R) and MEDIF (R) PUSH CARE (R) ## and will start to manufacture and commercialize them from April ##, and also obtain the exclusive distribution rights for oral nutritional supplements such as AQUASOLITA (R) and MEDIMEAL (R) Petit Leucine Plus through the institutional channel##.

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Millennium Biotechnologies, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Millennium Biotechnologies Group, Inc., a research based bio-nutraceutical company, has signed a three-year manufacturing agreement with Farmland Dairies, a division of General Electric Company, to manufacture ready-to-drink and tube feeding products.

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Compleat Tube Feeding Formula with Real Food Ingredients

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