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Growth in internet retailing triggers omni-channel distribution

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Advanced IT Social Network Omni-Channel Retail

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Figure ##: Working of Omni-channel Retailing

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Omni-channel retailing

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This IDC PlanScape serves as a guide that helps retailers that have recently initiated efforts to build a road map for omni-channel answer the following questions:Why do we need an omni-channel retail execution platform? What are retailers doing to win the battle for the omni-channel customer?Who needs to be involved in this effort?How is...

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Retail's BIG Show 2015, held by the National Retail Federation (NRF) in New York earlier this month, proved IT vendors are now ready to deliver applications and systems that meet omni-channel business needs.Demand from retailers for IT that can help them tackle the challenges of engaging the customer via multiple touch points, while...

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This IDC Retail Insights study examines current POS market and technology development trends supporting an omni-channel retail presence. It aims to provide retail executives and IT vendors with guidance on the 3rd Platform technology-driven dynamics affecting POS development, including social, mobile, Big Data analytics, and cloud."Today's...

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