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About Lemonade Drinks Lemonade drinks are the drinks manufactured using lemon or lemon concentrates as the major ingredient. These flavors are commonly found in soft drinks, juices, and others. Apart from lemon, lemonade drinks are also manufactured in different flavors like raspberry, strawberry, and others. Also, the increase...

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  • John S Peters is presently the chief insurance officer at Lemonade.

Fintech Profile: Lemonade Summary Lemonade is an artificial intelligence- (AI-) based platform offering peer-to-peer (P2P) property and casualty insurance for home and condominium owners, and renters. Scope The report provides information and insights into Lemonade, including...

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The company launched inter alia Rynkeby Fruit Drinks in three flavours in March 2016 and God Morgon Lemonade Pink Grape, to satisfy the fashionable lemonade trend.

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  • water, as well as sparkling beverages, beer and lemonade. It delivers its products under

Les Eaux Minérales d’Oulmès’s strategic direction is the sourcing, utilisation and marketing of natural still mineral water, natural sparkling mineral water, and any and all products derived from these, such as carbon dioxide. The company also is involved in the production and marketing of purified still water. Euromonitor International...

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  • Erbak-Uludag Mesrubatlari AS: Key Facts
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In 2014, Erbak-Uludag Mesrubatlari AS demonstrated one of the highest value sales growth rates and ranked second in HW beverages. The company became the pioneer of the industrial manufacturing of traditional lemonade product after it launched this product under its Uludag brand in 2007. Over the forecast period, the company will seek to preserve...

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