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Australia - Digital Economy - E-Government

16 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

Governments are facing revenue and expenditure pressures that will only intensify in the coming decades as the Australian population ages. This is creating an urgent need to reduce costs, particularly in non-front line areas such as administration. At the same time, the public sector is at a crossroads of how services have been delivered in...

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May 2015

Global Digital Media - E-Education, E-Learning and E-Government Trends and Statistics

23 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

The use of IT and telecommunications technology within educational environments is set to increase dramatically between now and 2015 as high-speed fibre-based broadband becomes more widely available. Simultaneously, the capability of internet services devoted to distance education is set to increase enormously over the next decade as well....

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Mar 2015

Australia - Broadband, Digital Media and Digital Economy Statistics (tables only)

73 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

Revised NBN with multi-technology architecture sees further use for DSL and cable networksIn common with other maturing markets, growth in the number of broadband subscribers has slowed in recent years in the wake of higher penetration. There has also been a shift in consumers adopting mobile-only broadband solutions, commonly associated...

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Jan 2015

Cisco India Summit 2014 -- Powering the Digital Economy

4 pages • By IDC

This IDC Flash discusses the latest announcements made at the Cisco India Summit 2014 held in Bangalore, India, on December 8 and 9. Cisco's strategy to develop the ecosystem and develop partners is continuing. The most recent partnership announced in the event is the tie-up with IL&FS Technology Limited (ITL) in developing smart cities....

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Jan 2015

Global Digital Economy - The Crucial Role of E-Health, E-Government and E-Education

160 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

Our future rests on E-health and E-educationWith the rise of digital platforms, the world is rapidly changing. In newspaper and book publishing, TV and radio, film, music, and other forms of media, we see that the walls that protected organisations within traditional models are crumbling. Yet, despite the obvious need to move with...

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Dec 2014

The Strategic approaches to the digital economy: operator case studies

49 pages • By Analysys Mason

"This report showcases the strategies and lessons learned by eight of the operators covered in Analysys Mason’s ‘Digital Economy Readiness Index’ (DERI), in a variety of markets and verticals. The case studies highlight the challenges, lessons learned and the emergence of adaptive strategies and market-specific best practices."

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Dec 2014

The Digital economy software strategies framework for CSPs: finding new sources of revenue

44 pages • By Analysys Mason

The rise of the digital economy is affecting businesses worldwide, as they seek to adapt to the always-on, digitally enhanced lifestyles of advanced consumers. Analysys Mason is researching the operational models that CSPs are using to enter the digital economy and the associated vendors that are helping them.

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Nov 2014

Australia - Analyses Telecoms Market - late 2014

30 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

The Australian telecoms market currently operates in a two-tiered fashion. By far the greatest attention of politicians and the media is focused on the national broadband market. Despite election promises, progress has been as predicted by BuddeComm slow. The specific analyses of the NBN are covered in a separate report.The real...

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Nov 2014

The Highlights from Digital Services World Congress 2014: early challenges and successes

7 pages • By Analysys Mason

This year Digital Services World Congress featured representatives from all stakeholder segments in the digital economy ecosystem. This article highlights three key themes from the event: over-the-top (OTT) partnership strategies, approaches for telecoms operators that plan to offer digital services, and how to succeed with mobile wallet services.

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Jul 2014

The Digital Economy Readiness Index: mapping telco innovation and digital strategies

29 pages • By Analysys Mason

The Digital Economy Readiness Index (DERI) maps more than 340 digital economy initiatives by 32 of the largest operators worldwide. This report highlights top-level findings from DERI’s comprehensive dataset. It discusses the key determinants for the success of initiatives, and the strategies mobile operators must use to compete and differentiate...

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Jun 2014

Australia - National Digital Economy Strategy

22 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

Parallel to the roll out of the national broadband network (NBN) the previous government also has its National Digital Economy Strategy. However, there is uncertainty about the various policies under the new government.Based on the trans-sector model, the NBN will become the shared infrastructure for a range of sectors such as e-health,...

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Feb 2014

Technologies for Governance of Emerging Economies (Technical Insights) 

29 pages • By Frost & Sullivan

Technologies Power Governance InitiativesResearch SnapshotEmerging technologies bring in transformation to not just new products, but also to the service delivery platforms, infrastructure that act as basic platforms for governance. This research service highlights some of the technological solutions, emerging...

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Dec 2013

Australia - Digital Economy - Industry and Sector Transformation

9 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

The digital economy began to take hold a decade or so ago, and some organisations were fast to react to it, while others were slow. The naysayers saw the impact of the internet on their business as a fad that would soon fade away; others, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo, saw it as the new business model.A decade later it is...

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Dec 2013

New Zealand - Digital Economy and Digital Media

18 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

The digital economy across New Zealand will have the necessary infrastructure for development to ignite e-government, e-commerce and digital media across the country once the Ultra-fast broadband / Rural Broadband Initiative (UFB/RBI) is completed during the next 5-10 years.By the end of 2014 almost 400,000 premises will be connected to...

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Nov 2013