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Scope of the Report The report entitled “Global Online Automotive Retail Market: Size, Trends & Forecasts (2021-2025 Edition)”, provides in-depth analysis of the global online automotive retail market, with detailed analysis of market size and growth. The report provides analysis of the global online automotive retail market...

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Omnichannel Presence, with a Profitable Mix of New Retail Formats, which Leverages Digital Solutions is Expected to be Central to a Successful Customer Retail Strategy The automotive retail market in Brazil is at the helm of change and is currently being disrupted by a number of transformative shifts, such as newer dealership...

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In-store Digitalization and Online Integration to Improve Sales for Dealerships Car manufacturers have been struggling to survive not only due to their competence gaps in envisioning the retailing future, but also because of their weaknesses in identifying the recovery actions needed to bounce back to profitability when it comes...

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Summary Marketline's Company Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investments reports offer a comprehensive breakdown of the organic and inorganic growth activity undertaken by an organization to sustain its competitive advantage. This report includes W. P. Carey, Inc. (formerly W. P. Carey & Co. LLC)'s...

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Beyond 2020, Digitization will Enable Lead Conversion Ratio Improvements of More than 80% This study analyzes the impact of digitization on the new car and the parts retail business. It provides a strategic overview of global Mega Trends and their disruptive impact on automotive retail. The study also highlights the top transformational...

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The car industry is finally waking up to the realisation that what happened to brick and mortar stores in the publishing and electronics industries is now at their door steps. In 2009, only 4% of all retail sales (across all product lines, except fuel stations), globally, were online. A trend which accelerated to about 11% of all sales in...

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