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Deregulation will be supportive of policies set out in the fifth national development plan (NDP##), which covers the period 2017 ## and puts private investment in areas such as transport, water, energy and health centre stage.

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The sovereign risk rating remains at BB, leaving Namibia as one of the bestrated countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, but the underlying score has deteriorated by one point, to ##.

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In FY2016, the company operated one hydropower generation facility, one coal-fired generation facility, and diesel generation facilities.

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SMEC Holdings Limited Key Recent Developments Jul ##, 2016: SMEC supports sustainable electricity development in Nigeria Jun ##, 2016: SMEC Continues to Improve Hydropower in Papua New Guinea Jun ##, 2016: SMEC to Design Water Treatment Plant in Malawi Jun ##, 2016: SMEC to Implement Resett

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The decrease in ##Q2018 compared to ##Q2017 results from increased hydroelectric power availability that replaced thermoelectric power generation.

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