Global Recruitment Market Report: 2015 Edition

Global Recruitment Market Report: 2015 Edition

  • March 2015
  • 97 pages
  • Koncept Analytics
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The recruitment market varies considerably from one country to another with the US, Japan and the UK showing the highest degree of fragmentation. The recruitment market can be segmented into general and professional staffing markets. General staffing that includes low skilled, low wage blue collar employees has a larger share as compared to professional staffing that includes higher skilled, higher wages white collar employees. North America represented the single largest market measured in terms of revenues in 2013 followed by Japan, the UK, France and Germany.

The trend of consolidation in staffing industry is increasing especially in fragmented markets due to several factors. In 2013, especially the first half, a declining trend continued to be registered across the world leading to a fall in labor force participation rate. However, since Q4 2013, a slow revival is being registered in employment rate across the globe, especially the US, the UK, India, Japan, etc. The EU region continues to struggle with its economic revival, especially France, Spain, Greece, among others. Income growth has also come under pressure from rising unemployment, putting downward pressure on real wages in many advanced economies. With the economic revival in the coming months, sources of new employment opportunities can be expected, however, the continuing challenge in overcoming the problem of skill gap in both advanced and emerging economies will continue to affect the staffing industry sales.

Most of the mergers and acquisitions that took place in 2013 were in the IT & Healthcare segment and involved middle sized staffing firms as they proved to be attractive acquisition targets, offering geographic coverage and differentiated services. People are increasingly using social media to network and identify employment opportunities. The trend of RPOs (recruitment process outsourcing) is becoming more popular as more and more medium and large-sized organizations are outsourcing their recruitment process right from the entry level jobs to high level jobs. Deregulation in temporary agency work in countries like Japan, Netherlands, Germany and Spain for equal pay has brought positive changes in overall recruitment market.

Moreover, the global recruitment market is fiercely competitive and highly fragmented with numerous players vying for market share. The leading four companies account for about one-fifth of the total revenues of the industry. Adecco Group is the largest company operating in this industry, followed by Randstad and Manpower. The present report profiles these four companies along with a discussion of their respective business strategies.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the global staffing industry along with the coverage of major regional markets like North America (the US and Canada), Europe (France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland), and Asia Pacific (Australia and Japan), discussing the market size, segmentation, and employment/unemployment rates.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables, and tests.
1. Recruitment

1.1 An Overview
1.2 Types of Recruitment
1.3 Recruitment Strategies
1.4 Recruitment/Staffing Industry

2. Global Recruitment Market
-Market Value
-Market Segments
-Regional Breakdown

3. Regional Markets

3.1 North American Recruitment Market

3.1.1 The US
-Market Value
-Market Segments
-Employees by Sectors
-Temporary and Contract Staffing
-Search and Placement
-Market Share
-Largest Staffing Firms

3.1.2 Canada
-Market Value
-Market Segments
-Employment Trend
-Employment by Industry
-Market Share

3.2 European Recruitment Market
-Temporary Employment Growth
-Comparison of Unemployment Rates

3.2.1 France
-Temporary Employment
-Unemployment Rate
-Employment by Age Group
-Market Share

3.2.2 The UK
-Market Value
-Market Segments
-Employment Statistics
-Recruitment Channels
-Unemployment Rate

3.2.3 Germany
-Temporary Employment
-Unemployment Rate
-Employment by Age Group

3.2.4 Sweden
-Market Value
-Employment Statistics
-Regional Share
-Market Share

3.2.5 Italy
-Temporary Employment
-Unemployment Rate
-Market Share

3.2.6 Belgium, Spain and Switzerland
-Temporary Employment
-Unemployment Rate

3.3 Asia Pacific Recruitment Market

3.3.1 Japan
-Market Value
-Unemployment Rate
-Largest Staffing Firms

3.3.2 Australia
-Temporary Employment
-Unemployment Rate
-Market Share

4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Market Trends

4.1.1 Growth of Online Staffing and Recruitment Services
4.1.2 Merger and Acquisition Activities
4.1.3 More Involvement of Social Media and Technology
4.1.4 Rising Penetration Rates in Agency Work
4.1.5 Continuing Increase in Outsourcing of HR Services
4.1.6 Increasing Use of Mobile Platforms

4.2 Growth Drivers

4.2.1 Improvement in Global Economic Growth
4.2.2 Deregulation on Temporary Agency Work in Some Countries
4.2.3 Demand from Emerging Markets

4.3 Key Challenges

4.3.1 Unreformed Labor Markets
4.3.2 Growing Skills Mismatch
4.3.3 Rising Unemployment
4.3.4 Increasing Shortage of Talent

5. Competitive Landscape
-Revenue Comparison
-Market Share
-Regional Presence

6. Company Profiles

6.1 Adecco Group

6.1.1 Business Description
6.1.2 Financial Overview
6.1.3 Business Strategies
-Increase Revenue Share from Professional Staffing
-Segmentation of Client Base

6.2 Randstad Group

6.2.1 Business Description
6.2.2 Financial Overview
6.2.3 Business Strategies
-Focus on Implementing Segment-Specific Delivery
-Applying Field Steering to Increase Adaptability & Productivity

6.3 Manpower Group

6.3.1 Business Description
6.3.2 Financial Overview
6.3.3 Business Strategies
-Pricing & Go-To-Market Strategy

6.4 Kelly Services Inc.

6.4.1 Business Description
6.4.2 Financial Overview
6.4.3 Business Strategies
-Strengthen the Span and Depth of OGC Practices
-Increasing Operational Efficiency

7. Market Outlook

7.1 Market Forecast

7.2 Forecast Methodology

7.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
7.2.2 Correlation Analysis
7.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Charts

Detailed Recruitment Process
Advantages/Disadvantages of Internal and External Recruitment
Recruitment Services Market
Global Recruitment Market Value (2007-2014F)
Global Recruitment Market - Share by Category (2013)
Global Recruitment Market -Professional Staffing Segment Share (2013)
Global Recruitment Market Share by Geography (2013)
The US Staffing and Recruitment Industry Sales (2005-2014E)
Segmentation of the US Staffing and Recruitment Industry (2013)
Total Number of Employees Working in Non-Farm Sector in the US (Jan 2013 to Jan 2015)
The US Temporary and Contract Staffing Industry Sales (2004-2015F & 2022F)
Total Annual Temporary and Contract Staffing Employment in the US (2003-2013)
Percentage of Temporary and Contract Employees by Sector (2013)
The US Temporary Staffing Revenue for Professional and IT Market (2009-2015F)
The US Temporary Staffing Revenue for Healthcare and Lifesciences Market (2009-2013E)
The US - Search and Placement Industry Sales (2005-2015P)
Average Weekly Hours and Earning of all Employees in the US (Jan 2014-Jan 2015P)
The US Largest Staffing firms (2007-2012)
Canadian Staffing Industry (2008-2013)
Canadian Staffing Industry by Segments (2009-2013)
Canada Employment Trend (2008-2014)
Monthly Employment Trend (June 2014 to Jan 2015)
Market Shares of 5 Largest Staffing Firms in Canada (2013)
Comparison of Unemployment Rates in Major European Countries (2013 & 2014)
Market Shares of 7 Largest Staffing Firms in France (2013)
France Temporary Employment Industry (2003-2013)
France Employment Rate in Different Demographic Groups (2005-2013)
France' Unemployment Rate: Total Labor Force (2007-2015E)
France - Average time Worked per Person in a Year (2005-2013)
The UK Staffing Industry Revenue (2006/07 to 2013/14)
Market Revenue Breakup of the UK Staffing Industry (2013/2014)
The UK Employment Statistics (Jun-Aug 2012 to Jun-Aug 2013)
Recruitment Channels Used in the UK (Sep 2012 to Sep 2013)
Unemployment Rate in the UK- Total Labor Force (2005-2015F)
Average Time Worked per Person in Employment in the UK (2005-2013)
Temporary Employment in Germany (Mar 2012 to Mar 2014)
Germany Private Sector Employment (excl. agriculture) (2009-2012)
Germany Employment Rate in Different Demographic Groups (2005-2013)
Unemployment Rate in Germany - Total Labor Force (2005-2013)
Average Time Worked per Person in Employment in Germany (2005-2013)
Swedish Staffing Industry Sales Growth (2007-2015E)
Turnover Development Per Region: Staffing Industry in Sweden (Q413)
Sweden Staffing Sector: Percentage of Total Revenue (2013)
Market Share of Swedish Staffing Companies (2013)
Italy: Market Share of by Revenue of Staffing Companies (2013)
Y-O-Y Changes in Italian Temporary Contracts (Sep 2013-Jun 2014)
Employment Rate by Age Groups in Italy (2005-2013)
Unemployment Rate - Total Labor Force in Italy (2005-2014E)
Belgium Unemployment Rate in % (2005-2014)
Spain Unemployment Rate in % (2005-2015E)
Switzerland Temporary Employment Growth Y-o-Y (Sep 2013 - Jul 2014)
Switzerland Unemployment Rate in % (2008-2015E)
Japan Staffing Revenues (2012-2015E)
Japan - Employment to Population Ratio in % (2005-2012)
Unemployment Rate in Japan in % (2005-2013)
Average Annual Wages Japan (2005-2013)
Number of Temporary Labors in Australia (2008-09 to 2014-15F)
Australian Share of Employment (2013)
Market Share (Percent) of Staffing Companies in Australia (2013)
Australia Unemployment Rate in % (2005-2015E)
Australia Employment to Population Ratio (2004-2013)
Global Revenue from Online Staffing Market (2012-2020F)
Staffing Industry M&A Transaction Volume (2005-2014E)
Staffing Industry Sector: M&A Activity (Percent) (YTD Sep. 30, 2014)
LinkedIn Revenue by Segment (2008-2014E)
Percent of People contacted for Job Opportunity via Social Media & Getting the Job (2014)
Penetration Rates for Temporary Employment in Main markets (2007 vs 2013)
Global RPO Market (2012-2016)
Global Annual Sales Revenue: HR Services in Percent (2013)
Global Annual Real GDP Growth Rates (2010-2017F)
Emerging Economies Real GDP Growth Rate (2009 - 2016F)
Global Job Gap: Since 2007
Worldwide Unemployed People (2009-2018F)
Unemployed Workers: Change From 2008-2018F
Percentage by Country: Employers Facing Difficulty Filling Jobs (2014)
Adecco's Revenue Share by Service Line (2013)
Adecco's Revenue Share by Business Line (2013)
Adecco Group Annual Revenue (2009-2013 & 1H14)
Randstad's Revenue Share by Geography (2013)
Randstad's Revenue Share by Business Segment (2013)
Randstad's Annual Revenues (2010-2013 & 3Q14)
Manpower- Gross Profit Breakup by Business Line (2013)
Manpower's Annual Revenues (2009-2014)
Kelly Services' Revenue Share by Business Segments (2014)
Kelly Services Inc. Business Revenues (2009-2014)
Global Recruitment Market Value Forecast (2013A-2017F)

List of Tables

Total Number of Employees Working by Sectors in the US (Jan 2013 to Jan 2015)
Market Shares and Revenues of Largest Staffing Firms in the US (2013)
Employment in Canada by Industry (2010-2014)
Full Time and Part Time Employees in Canada by Age Group (2010-2014)
Summary of Temporary Employment Growth Y-o-Y by Countries (Nov 2013 - Apr 2014)
France Temporary Employment Y-O-Y Growth (Oct 2013 - Sep 2014)
Employed Persons in Sweden by Type of Employment (2007-2013)
Belgium Temporary Work Market: Y-O-Y & Q-O-Q Changes (Q3 2014- Q1 2013)
Belgium HR Services Annual & Quarterly Growth: By Segments (Q3 2013- Q3 2014)
Spanish Permanent and Temporary contract changes Y-o-Y (September 2013 -August 2014)
Top 10 Japanese Staffing Companies (2004, 2007, 2008, and 2013; ranked by 2013 Gross Sales)
Australia Full-Time and Part-Time Employment (Aug13 -Aug14)
Temporary Labor Positions in Different Areas in Australia (2012)
Major Online Staffing Sites
Key M&As in Staffing Industry (2013)
World's 10 Largest Staffing Companies by Revenues (US$mn): 2007-13
World's 10 Largest Staffing Companies: Market Share: 2011-13
World's 10 Largest Staffing Companies: Regional Presence (2013)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2008-2013)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary - Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

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