2017 Wellness & Functional Beverages in the U.S.

2017 Wellness & Functional Beverages in the U.S.

  • November 2017 •
  • 336 pages •
  • Report ID: 1557256 •
  • Format: PDF
This market report combines BMC’s wellness beverages and functional beverages industry research to provide insights into the increasingly intertwined world of healthful beverages that offer a specific functional benefit to consumers.

In this study, we examine marketing activities, trends and issues in this multi-faceted market, covering beverages aiming to aid health, quench thirst and provide specific benefits. The report also distinguishes between the traditional and new-era wellness beverages industry, looking at the various segments and types.

This in-depth market research report also looks at protein drinks, probiotics, antioxidant beverages, hydration beverages, dietary supplements, the functional beverages market, nutrient provision/meal replacement products and beverages and supplements targeted to senior citizens. In addition, it discusses the regulatory and commercial issues as well as the leading companies’ strategies.

The answers you need
Wellness and Functional Beverages in the U.S. provides in-depth market analysis, shedding light on various aspects of the segments through reliable data and discussions of what the numbers really mean. Questions answered include:
• Which segments in the United States have been growing, and which have not?
• What percentage of the U.S. beverage market can be classified as belonging to the wellness and functional category, and how has this changed in recent years?
• What are the leading companies, and how have they been performing?
• Which segment has the highest growth? Which company has leading market share?
• What are the leading consumer benefit segments of the industry?
• How has the new wave of wellness and functional beverages evolved from legacy categories?
• What are the prospects of the wellness and functional category by beverage segment through 2021?

This report features
The Wellness and Functional Beverages report provides an overview of 16 beverage segments before giving more attention to the 11 categories deemed the "new" wellness and functional beverage category. Much more than a functional beverages market report and wellness beverages market report rolled into one, this study provides data and analysis of multiple facets of both segments and insight on the trends and consumer need states driving these increasingly intertwined industries. As expected, volume, retail dollars, wholesale dollars and per capita consumption are included.

The companies and brands that comprise the burgeoning super-category are thoroughly vetted, anchoring them in the context of recent history and the changes that have spurred growth. Advertising and demographic data of the sub-segments are documented and the regulatory environment of dietary supplements is also discussed.

Backed by Beverage Marketing’s reliable, all-sales-channel-inclusive data, readers get a thorough understanding of the combined super-category as well as multiple facets of the wellness beverages industry and functional beverages market including:
• Analysis and quantification of the marketplace for healthful and functional food and beverage products from traditional wellness beverages such as fruit juice and milk to "new wellness beverages" such as coconut water and essence water.
• Discussion of the need states underpinning demand for such healthy products, as well as examination of target markets and consumer benefit segments round out the research. The report gives greater perspective to its research by illustrating the increasingly strong relationship between wellness and functionality in the mainstream beverage marketplace and the consumer drivers that are fueling innovation in the segment. The report also sizes the wellness and functional market by consumer benefit segment and tracks growth and share by benefit such as hydration, weight management, etc.
• A demarcation between traditional wellness categories versus newer evolving wellness segments is provided in BMC’s in-depth industry research. Focus is then placed on newer beverage types such as coconut water, energy drinks, kombucha, nutrient-enhanced drinks, meal replacement and protein drinks. In addition, key results from BMC’s market research is also provided, with expanded analysis of various sub-categories provided to ensure a fuller understanding of this rapidly changing arena.
• Detailed profiles and analysis of the leading companies and brands, discussions of their marketing activities and distribution strategies as well as company wholesale sales data. Includes profiles of the wellness and functional businesses of Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons, Monster Beverage Corporation, Califia Farms, Red Bull, Bai Brands, BodyArmor, Vita Coco and others.
• Advertising expenditures by segment as well as wellness and functional expenditures by media outlet (including internet advertising).
• Consumer demographic profiles comparing consumers of key beverage segments.
• Five-year wholesale dollar projections for the market and its sub-segments through 2021.