Global Stevia Market 2014 Report

Global Stevia Market 2014 Report

Background and report description

With ever-increasing scrutiny amongst consumers over the content of food and beverage items, manufacturers are increasingly exploring alternative sweeteners which will enable the reduction in the number of calories, without sacrificing taste.

Over the past few years, the high intensity natural sweetener stevia has enticed both consumers and manufacturers with its ‘natural’ provenance and near-zero caloric benefits. With sugar being increasingly frowned upon by society, and artificial sweeteners being viewed with suspicion by many, stevia has seen its profile rise at a rapid rate since the turn of the decade.

Zenith’s Global Stevia Market 2014 Report examines the background behind stevia’s growth, and its growing acceptance on a global level. Factors which are shaping the market, and are expected to play a key role in future years, are also examined.

What this report covers

Overview of the wider sweetener market: emergence, driving factors and global trends of natural and artificial high intensity sweeteners.
In-depth analysis of the global stevia market: legislation by region, key regions of cultivation, leading suppliers by production, production and consumption trends, pricing of stevia extracts, challenges facing stevia, key commercial developments and forecasts to 2017.
24 stevia suppliers’ profiles: company overview and details of stevia operations.
Profiles of leading brands: leading food and beverage brands which utilise stevia, and new product innovations.

Market data provided in this report

Global sugar consumption 2009-15
Global sugar production 2009-15
World raw sugar prices 2005-14
Sugar production by region, 2013/14
High Fructose Corn Syrup production 2004-13
High Fructose Corn Syrup prices 2004-14
High Fructose Corn Syrup production by country, 2013
Global obesity rates 2005-15
Regional prevalence of diabetes in adults, 2013
Stevia awareness, 2013
Stevia extract pricing, 2014
Stevia extract pricing forecasts, 2014-16
Global stevia market volume, 2010-14
Global stevia market value 2010-14
Global stevia market volume forecast, 2015-17
Global stevia market value forecast, 2015-17

Geographical coverage

Executive summary and introduction
1) Sugar and sweeteners
2) Stevia market drivers
3) Emergence of stevia
4) Stevia legislation
5) Cultivation and production
6) Pricing
7) Consumption
8) Key developments
9) Challenges
10) Forecasts
11) Key products
12) New product launches