Analyzing the US Aluminum Industry

Analyzing the US Aluminum Industry

The United States' aluminum industry is the world's largest, annually producing about $39.1 billion in products and exports. US companies are the largest single producer of primary aluminum.

The US industry operates over 300 plants in 35 states, produces more than 23 billion pounds of metal annually and employs over 145,000 people with an annual payroll of about $5 billion. Aluminum is one of the few products and industries left in America that truly impacts every community in the country, either through physical plants and facilities, recycling, heavy industry, or consumption of consumer goods.

In terms of both its positive economic and environmental impact, the aluminum industry remains one of the country’s most significant national and international success stories.

Aruvian's R'search analyzes the US aluminium industry in its new report Analyzing the US Aluminum Industry. The report researches the characteristics of the US aluminium industry and the segments which, as a whole, make up this dynamic machinery of growth. The massive globalization and consolidation strides taken by the industry as explained in the report with the requirement of heavy capital investment that brings in more competition and the overall focus of the industry to meet the environmental challenge. The industry’s dynamics like competition, infrastructure and the regulatory policies with the reporting requirements deployed on the industry are explained by the report.

The report also profiles some of the leading players in the industry who have earned the reputation and pride for the US Aluminum Industry globally and have placed the United States at the top of the pecking order.
A. Executive Summary

B. Industry Definition

C. Looking at the Global Aluminum Industry

D. Industry Profile of the US Aluminum Industry
D.1 Market Synopsis
D.2 Market Value & Volume
D.3 Market Size
D.4 Industry Segmentation
D.4.1 Building & Construction Market
D.4.2 Containers & Packaging Market
D.4.3 Transportation Market
D.4.4 Others
D.5 Industry Structure
D.6 Aluminum Consumption Trends in the US
D.7 Industry Trends
D.8 Import/Export Situation
D.9 Competition in the Industry

E. Looking at Aluminum Recycling

F. Looking at the Various Sub-Sectors of the Aluminum Industry
F.1 The Raw Materials Sector
F.2 The Semifabricated Sector
F.3 The Finished Products Sector

G. US Government Regulatory Framework Governing the Aluminum Industry

H. Issues Facing the Industry
H.1 Trade
H.2 Energy
H.3 Environment & Climate Change
H.4 Recycling
H.5 Technology
H.6 Pollution Prevention

I. Analyzing the Various Aluminum Products
I.1 Alumina
I.2 Alloys
I.3 Castings
I.4 Extrusions
I.5 Foil
I.6 Forgings
I.7 Impacts
I.8 Ingot, Billet
I.9 Master Alloys
I.10 Mill Products
I.11 Molten Metal, T-Bar, Sow
I.12 Powder and Paste
I.13 Sheet, Plate
I.14 Wire, Rod & Bar

J. US Aluminum Industry - Future Trends
J.1 Markets Opening to Free Trade
J.2 Realigning of the Aluminum Supply Chain
J.3 The Issue of Sustainability
J.4 The Significant Role of Production of Recycled/Secondary Aluminum
J.5 New Manufacturing Technologies
J.6 Energy & the Aluminum Industry
J.7 Criticality of Human Resources

K. Major Industry Contributors
K.1 Alcan Inc.
K.2 Alcoa Inc.
K.3 Century Aluminum Company
K.4 Noranda Inc.
K.5 Ormet Corporation

L. US Aluminum Industry: Future Perspective
L.1 Market Value Forecast
L.2 Market Volume Forecast
L.3 Aluminum Consumption Forecast
L.4 Industry Forecast by Segment
L.4.1 Building & Construction Market
L.4.2 Containers & Packaging Market
L.4.3 Transportation Market
L.4.4 Others

M. Appendix

N. Glossary of Terms

Companies Mentioned

Alcan Inc.
Alcoa Inc.
Century Aluminum Company
Noranda Inc.
Ormet Corporation